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4G/5G FWA Technology Forum Established: Huawei and Partners Advance to New Successful Era of Wireless Home Broadband

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4G/5G FWA Technology Forum Established: Huawei and Partners Advance to New Successful Era of Wireless Home Broadband


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Online conference, July 22, 2020 The 4G/5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access)Technology Forum was successfully held, bringing together the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA); leading chipset, module, and terminal vendors; operator representatives; and analyst agencies. At the forum, Huawei and 20 industrial partners jointly announced the establishment of the 4G/5G FWA Technology Forum as a platform that convenes industrial and ecosystem partners to jointly promote the rapid development of 4G and 5G FWA technologies.

Broadband access is the foundation of the digital economy. By 2019, nearly 50% of the world’s population still lacked access to the Internet. This has prompted the United Nations’ Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development to set 2025 targets, focusing on “Connecting the Other Half” of the world’s population to bridge the digital divide. 4G/5G FWA has been widely deployed around the world, proving to be a promising technology to ensure reliable and affordable broadband Internet access. By 2019, 4G and 5G FWA had amassed over 100 million users.

This represents the significance of building a dedicated platform to facilitate in-depth technological collaboration in the FWA industry. It also supports the release of the joint declaration by Huawei and its industrial partners, including ASR, Atel, Esound, Fibocom, FROG, GOSUNCN, HAIOT, Lintron, MaxComm, MobiWire, MOBOT, Neoway, NOTION, QUECTEL, Sequans, Tigercel, Tozed Kwngwei, UNISOC, and Zmtel. According to the joint declaration, the forum will serve to help:

  • Share trends in the industry, identify directions in technical development, accumulate successful experiences, and overcome business challenges.
  • Improve the 4G and 5G FWA technologies required to provide wireless broadband connection solutions with increased performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Enhance the collaboration between FWA solution providers and mobile network operators to improve the industry’s ecosystem and ensure business success.
  • Promote the success of the FWA industry to accelerate the provisioning of broadband access to anyone, anywhere, with the goal of “connecting the other half” of the world’s population.


In addition, the 4G/5G FWA Industry Catalogue was revealed at the forum. It collects together main references of the information about mainstream FWA vendors and their product’s main functions to promote the product information sharing between vendors and operators. The participants of the forum shared their views of the FWA industry, as well as technological trends and specifications. They called for greater willingness and solidarity to continuously improve R&D efficiency and product performance while reducing costs.

Zhang Yiqu, General Manager of WTTx Product Line, said in his speech: “Almost 50% of the world’s population is still outside the scope of Internet coverage. This represents both enormous challenges and huge market potentials that require the entire industry to come together to develop solutions. Through the 4G/5G FWA Technology Forum, Huawei is excited to collaborate with partners to accelerate the deployment of 4G and 5G FWA and contribute to “connecting the other half” of the world’s population. This will be a great achievement for the FWA industry in the new era of wireless home broadband.”



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