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4G/LTE Solution for Rural Areas

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GlobecommTake your network
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Challenged with bringing affordable cellular connectivity to rural areas? Globecomm is the answer! Contact us to find out how.

Total Cost of OwnershipGlobecomm’s hosted 4G solution provides carrier grade, tier 1 switching cores and unique, in-region Converged Packet Gateways (CPG). This low cost approach delivers a faster time to market, optimized subscriber security and policy control. All from a longstanding trusted vendor/partner – Globecomm.

Let’s discuss how we can help you! We will be exhibiting at the CCA Global Expo in San Antonio Texas, Booth 715 and the TCEI Expo in Belton Texas, Booth 536. If you aren’t going to the expo please contact us.

Get the GLOBECOMM Advantage

  • Carrier Grade Tier 1 4G Core – delivered by a secure and trusted vendor/partner
  • In-region CPG includes MME, PGW and SGW – reducing backhaul expense
  • Security and Policy Control administered through simple GUI’s
  • 3GPP R10 Standards Adherence
  • Rapid Deployment and Low Cost Solutions
  • Usage Based Pricing
  • Dramatically Reduce Your Cost Per Gross Add (CPGA) for New Subscribers
  • Backward Compatible to Legacy Systems (2G, 3G & 4G)
  • Reduce the Need for LTE Engineering Manpower

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