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4PSA Introduces VoipNow Mobile, the iOS App for VoipNow Users

by david.nunes

4PSA Introduces VoipNow Mobile, the iOS App for VoipNow Users

Orlando, Florida –February 3, 2015
– 4PSA announced today the launch of VoipNow Mobile – a mobile client for iOS, designed to integrate natively with its award-winning VoipNow Platform. VoipNow Mobile allows service providers to enable business BYOD that replaces traditional desktop office phones.

VoipNow is a Unified Communications platform designed for service providers and businesses in need of advanced telephony, video, presence, instant messaging, and mobility. VoipNow Mobile enables users to enjoy the full experience of their office phone on their iPhones and iPads.

By 2015, the world’s mobile workforce is estimated to reach 1.3 billion, representing 37.2% of the entire workforce, according to IDC. VoipNow Mobile enables our partners to offer their customers secure and efficient business voice communications. The app is intended to fully replace desktop IP phones that increase service costs for service providers and IT departments and provide poor user experience to end-users,” stated Bogdan Carstoiu, 4PSA’s CEO. VoipNow Mobile reduces implementation, management, and monitoring costs.

End-users can set up VoipNow Mobile on their own in less than 3 minutes, without any training or documentation. Using the app is straightforward and integrates with the mobile phone ecosystem. The app uses advanced scheduling mechanisms to reduce battery consumption, and the TLS protocol guarantees communication integrity and privacy. “VoipNow Mobile is resilient to network changes. While the app obviously has no control over the network preferred by the mobile OS, in most situations the call is not lost when such an event occurs. It provides perfect voice quality even on 2.5G mobile networks,” Mr. Carstoiu added.

Ultimately, VoipNow Mobile is about providing a better, familiar experience to end-users, while making IT departments feel comfortable and service providers able to rapidly deploy communication and collaboration with no capital investments. It’s about no legacy hardware glued to the desk.

Service providers can start offering VoipNow Mobile immediately by joining the Service Provider program. Carriers can also opt for a white label solution. End-users can download VoipNow Mobile for free from the Apple Store.

About 4PSA

4PSA accelerates communication and team collaboration. For 10+ years, we have been engineering technology that enables service providers to deliver cloud services to SMBs and large organizations – automation, enterprise PBX, voice, video, instant messaging, and mobility. We care for more than 10,000 brilliant partners who help businesses around the world take control of their communication channels.

VoipNow is the most technically advanced Unified Communications platform for service providers. It comes with rapid set-up and deployment, a comprehensive set of features, integrated charging and billing engine, and competitive pay-as-you-grow pricing – even when deployed on partner premises. VoipNow Mobile, its mobile client, replaces desktop phones and brings manageable and secure BYOD.

Hubgets (currently in Beta) increases team fusion and customer satisfaction. It provides business communication channels that reduce collaboration overhead and increase company productivity. We simplify finding and sharing knowledge while limiting interruptions and empowering collaboration.

For more information, please visit www.4PSA.com and follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/4PSA.

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