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5G Growth Progresses as New Services Are Developed

by Anthony Weaver

* Global 5G connections reach 1.2 billion; expected to reach 1.9
billion by end of 2023 and 6.8 billion by end of 2027
  * North American 5G connections at 36% population penetration,
projected to reach 601 million by end of 2027; roughly 100 million per
  * 267 5G and 703 LTE commercial networks now deployed

BELLEVUE, Wash. – June 29, 2023 – In the first quarter of 2023, 5G
adoption continued to set a torrid pace, putting the fifth generation of
wireless cellular technology on track to add nearly a billion new
connections each year. Data from Omdia and 5G Americas, the voice of 5G
and beyond throughout the Americas, indicates strong penetration in the
North American market, even as new 5G network buildouts are accelerating
around the world.

Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas said, “With North American 5G
networks online, we’re experiencing a strong subscription cycle for 5G
in the US and Canada. At the same time, other 5G markets are emerging,
creating the potential for billions of new 5G connections. Key ecosystem
players will have a huge role in providing new technical features and
capabilities to fulfill the promise of 5G globally.”

The latest data from Omdia [3] reveals a significant progress on 5G as
157 million new global 5G connections were added between Q4 2022 and Q1
2023. This surge in adoption sets the stage for even more accelerated
growth throughout 2023, with the number of global 5G connections
projected to approach the 2 billion mark. The forecast indicates an
extraordinary trajectory, as the global 5G connections are predicted to
reach a staggering 6.8 billion by the end of 2027. This translates to an
average annual growth of nearly one billion new connections,
highlighting the unprecedented scale and impact of 5G technology.

North America continues to assert leadership in 5G wireless
connectivity, as continued adoption fuels additional demand for improved
5G network services. By the end of Q1 2023, the region boasted an
impressive tally of 133 million 5G connections and a staggering 503
million LTE connections. The 5G penetration rate in the North American
market is steadily climbing and currently stands at nearly 36 percent,
as 14 million new 5G connections came online during the first quarter of

Kristin Paulin, Principal Analyst at Omdia said, “Initial 5G
deployments have laid a strong foundation and now operators are focused
on standalone 5G and beyond to advance 5G and bring about further
innovations. By 2025, 5G is expected to be the dominant mobile
technology in North America. And, in the four years from the end of 2023
to the end of 2027, Omdia forecasts 5G in North America will grow 184%
to reach 601 million subscriptions.”

In Latin America and the Caribbean, 4G LTE networks continue to
demonstrate resilience and robust growth in Q1 2023. The region recorded
a formidable 553 million 4G LTE connections, reflecting a quarterly
growth of 2.1 percent, and the equivalent of 11 million new LTE
subscriptions. Additionally, by the end of 2023, the region is projected
to quadruple its number of 5G connections to reach 62 million. The
region is estimated to reach 407 million 5G connections by 2027.

According to Jose Otero, Vice President of Caribbean and Latin America
for 5G Americas, “5G and LTE Mobile wireless continue to progress and
be the foundation for broadband connectivity in the region. Recent
spectrum assignment processes in Guatemala, Peru, and Uruguay showcase
the region’s government interest in expanding LTE and working towards
enabling 5G growth in their markets. As more assignment processes occur
and 5G handsets become accessible for the mass market, 5G will become a
reality for many regional subscribers.”

Overall, the number of 5G commercial networks globally has reached 267,
according to data from TeleGeography [4] and 5G Americas. That number is
expected to reach 386 by the end of 2023 and 413 by the end of 2025,
representing strong 5G network investment growth in many regions
throughout the world. The number of 5G and 4G LTE network deployments as
of June 15, 2023, are summarized below:


  * Global: 267
  * North America: 14
  * Caribbean and Latin America: 28


  * Global: 703
  * North America: 17
  * Caribbean and Latin America: 129

Visit 5G Americas [5] for more information, statistical charts [6],
infographic [7] and a list of LTE and 5G deployments by operator and
region. Subscriber and forecast data is provided by Omdia [8] and
deployment data by 5G Americas and TeleGeography (GlobalComm). [9]

  About 5G Americas: The Voice of 5G and LTE for the Americas
5G Americas is an industry trade organization composed of leading
telecommunications service providers and manufacturers. The
organization’s mission is to facilitate and advocate for the
advancement of 5G and beyond throughout the Americas. 5G Americas is
invested in developing a connected wireless community while leading 5G
development for all the Americas. 5G Americas is headquartered in
Bellevue, Washington. More information is available at 5G Americas’
website [10] and Twitter. [11]

5G Americas’ Board of Governors Members include Airspan Networks Inc.,
Antel, AT&T, Ciena, Cisco, Crown Castle, Ericsson, Liberty Latin
America, Mavenir, Nokia, Qualcomm Incorporated, Rogers Communications,
Samsung, T-Mobile US, Inc., Telefónica, VMware, and WOM.

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