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5G powering the COVID recovery and set to be a central part of levelling up agenda

by Anthony Weaver

The widely anticipated levelling up white paper stated that 5G will cover the majority of the UK by 2030, and mobile operators are clearly making progress toward reaching that goal and delivering a seamless 5G experience.

Data from RootMetrics shows that major operators continue to expand their 5G availability whilst providing users with faster speeds in major cities across the UK. The report also includes a look at the progress of 5G in London. The following chart shows each operator’s 5G median download speed alongside those on 4G LTE. Speeds on 5G were at least 2.8x faster than those on 4G, and RootMetrics has seen similar trends in other UK cities as well. 

You view the full Report here:


Key highlights from the report

  • EE delivers the overall Best 5G experience in the UK: For the second straight time, EE provided its users with the top combination of 5G availability and performance, earning honours for providing the Best 5G experience in the UK. EE was also one of two operators with 5G median download speeds above 100 Mbps in every city tested (along with Vodafone).
  •  Three comes leaps and bounds since 1H 2021 testing: Three increased its 5G availability in 12 out of 16 cities since 1H 2021 and improved its 5G median download speeds in 13 markets. Three also registered the fastest speed of any operator in 5 cities.
  •   Virgin Media O2 merger beginning to yield results: Virgin Media O2 showed excellent 5G expansion, increasing its 5G availability in 15 out of 16 cities in 2H 2021. Despite recording speed declines in 11 cities, Virgin Media O2 had 5G median download speeds above 100 Mbps in 14 out of 16 cities. 
  • Vodafone posts the single-fastest 5G median download speed in the UK: Vodafone users should be seeing both broader 5G availability and faster 5G speeds since 1H 2021. Vodafone improved its 5G availability in 14 cities, while clocking faster 5G median download speeds in 9 markets. Vodafone also delivered the fastest 5G median download speed of any network in any city at 255.8 Mbps in Nottingham

Patrick Linder, Senior Director at RootMetrics, commented on the results:

Consumers, enterprises, and even municipalities and governments depend on fast and reliable connectivity. We need 5G now more than ever. As the Leveling Up White Paper suggests, the financial and lifestyle stakes promised by full 5G development are incredibly high. The improvements we’re seeing show great progress on the path toward a fully connected future.”

I’d be happy to arrange an interview with Patrick to discuss the findings in more detail. He’ll offer a view on what this all means for consumers and businesses, how 5G is impacting the latest data and what 2022 will mean for the UK’s mobile networks.  

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