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A Cost Effective Alternative: VPNs

by david.nunes
Author's PictureIssue:Latin America I 1996
Article no.:15
Topic:A Cost Effective Alternative: VPNs
Author:Karen Bakis
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Organisation:Bay Networks
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In the new era of telecommunications change, senior company executives throughout Latin America are eager to take advantage of the numerous benefits that liberalisation can bring to their organisations, however, they will be obviously unwilling to make changes if basic business principles are at risk of being compromised. One of these key principles is security.

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Many enterprise network locations today are inerconnected via expensive leased line WAN connections. In many cases these leased lines can span hundreds or thousands of miles. Since leased lines are tariffed based on distance, longer haul lines that traverse great distances can be very expensive. In addition, these corporations are relying more on public networks, like the Internet, to conduct business and share information with customers and partners. Internet access is typically obtained by purchasing a leased line connection from a service provider and installing a router at the customer premise.

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