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A Model for South America?

by david.nunes
Author's PictureIssue:Latin America I 1996
Article no.:5
Topic:A Model for South America?
Author:Scott Blackmer and Matthias Bock
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Organisation:Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering
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In 1996, one of the world’s greatest economic giants, Germany, entered an exciting new phase in the liberalisation of its telecommunications sector. In the following article, they discuss whether the new German Telecommunications Act could be a useful model for the countries of Latin America.

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The structure of the European telecommunications market resembles that of South America in significant ways. In both continents ownership and liberalization differ widely, from liberalized sectors in private hands in Chile and the UK, to countries like Brazil and Germany which had to struggle with the decision to jump on the moving train to competition. And in both continents slower governments are now coming forward with ambitious legislation.

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