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A solution to cloud-based service issues

by david.nunes

buzzbox telecom offers a solution to cloud issues

buzzbox telecom, a leading UK VOIP telecoms company that offers full office phone systems, launched a hybrid telephony system to tackle issues that occur with cloud-only based telephone systems.

The buzzbox Pro Hybrid solution ensures that internal calls, conferencing and door entry systems are unaffected by internet connectivity by having a physical appliance installed in the office. Only when external calls are made does buzzbox Pro use the internet to connect the call.

Stuart Spice, Founder and Director of buzzbox telecom comments: Although in the UK cloud-based services are a wonderful addition, it brings many

negatives: As a cloud system solely relies on the internet it is very vulnerable to unstoppable attacks from hackers (e.g. the Distributed Denial of Service attack that famously affected game consoles over Christmas). Secondly, the fact that Britain¹s internet connectivity is still based on conductive copper wires – they are very susceptible to radio interference, bad weather or even water.

Spice continues: When any of the above happens, your business can be without internet for days. Even 99.9% uptime, which most other cloud-based VOIP companies will promise, is still 8 hours a year downtime. Thus, a company that uses a cloud-only based VOIP telephone system will not be able to make or receive phone calls (even internally) and will lose thousands of pounds in business and staff productivity in just one day.

Therefore, at buzzbox, we offer the buzzbox Pro Hybrid system to overcome such issues.

For more information visit www.buzzbox.cc

About buzzbox:

buzzbox is a leading UK telecoms company who specialise in innovative and cutting edge telecommunication solutions. Buzzbox developed a market leading service that includes features not commonly found in many of the competing products, such as call recording, listen and whisper on live calls and remote access to the office switchboard anywhere in the world.

Since 2011, buzzbox has grown rapidly and its network currently processes around 15,000 active phone calls per day for customers based all over the globe.

Buzzbox has also been accredited with the Made in Britain marque. It means that buzzbox products are designed, assembled, tested and finished in Great Britain.

Stuart Spice is the founder and director of buzzbox. He has worked in the IT and telecoms industry for decades, founding one of the UK¹s most innovative and successful web hosting companies ­ Mr Site Ltd.

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