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Accedian Networks™ Enables Ethernet OAM over Any Network

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Accedian Networks™ Enables Ethernet OAM over Any Network

Service providers can easily deliver and manage carrier Ethernet services with the complete set of Operations, Administration and Maintenance features implemented in Accedian Networks’ demarcation units. Montreal, Canada; September 24th, 2008 – Accedian Networks ™, a leading provider of Packet Performance Assurance ™ solutions for telecom, cable and wireless communications providers, announced today updated support for the most recent Ethernet Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) standards, implemented in the company’s popular EtherNID™ & MetroNID™ packet assurance demarcation units. By employing a unique combination of OAM, service creation & assurance functionality, these units allow service providers to seamlessly deploy, monitor and maintain carrier-grade Ethernet services over multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-carrier networks. Ethernet service OAM, based on the IEEE 802.1ag and ITU-T Y.1731 standards, provides a comprehensive set of features for connectivity fault management (CFM) and performance monitoring (PM). Accedian Networks’ demarcation units now offer all 35 key aspects of service OAM. This allows service providers to transparently deploy OAM at critical management points throughout their networks, including customer and cell sites, aggregation and carrier hand-off points – without upgrading existing infrastructure. Complying with the latest versions of service OAM standards ensures the highest level of interoperability with OAM-enabled switches and routers. However, unlike most network elements’ software-based implementations, Accedian Networks has tightly coupled its OAM feature set with the demarcation units’ unique, hardware-based packet processing engine. This approach brings a necessary level of performance and accuracy to OAM measurements, including the ability to monitor up to 100 services per unit, provide real frame loss in place of estimates, perform high-capacity loopback testing using the standards-based loopback messages, and measure one-way delay and jitter with microsecond resolution – essential to maintaining the performance specified in demanding service level agreements (SLAs). “Accedian Networks has a history of offering the latest OAM functionality, critical as standards continue to evolve and become central to managing and maintaining carrier-grade Ethernet services,” said Patrick Ostiguy, founding President & CEO of Accedian Networks. “We also cover key gaps in the standards by offering functionality impossible to implement in software, such as seamless in-service throughput testing, automated turn-up testing, and advanced Ethernet & IP performance monitoring that cover all aspects of packet performance assurance.” Accedian Networks’ Ethernet Service Assurance Platform (ESAP™) will be demonstrated live at Ethernet EXPO in New York (20-22 Oct.). Patrick Ostiguy and Accedian Networks’ staff are invited speakers at Ethernet Expo, the Internet Telephony Conference & Expo (17 Sept., Los Angeles), and other upcoming events organized by the SCTE and CableLabs. Please visit Accedian.com for full details.

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