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Accedo Broadband and Ekioh introduce the world’s first 3D games for IPTV

by david.nunes

Accedo Broadband and Ekioh introduce the world’s first 3D games for IPTV

London, March 21 2011 – Accedo Broadband, the leading provider of IPTV and Connected TV applications, and Ekioh, the cutting-edge provider of browsers and SVG engines have announced the availability of casual games in 3D using Ekioh’s latest SVG software.

““We are thrilled about the new possibilities of 3D applications.” commented Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo Broadband. “The innovative Ekioh team has added some astounding features by allowing for stereoscopic 3D effects in the application layer. Games are great examples of applications that benefit from this functionality”.

Accedo’s Funspot game service is the most widely deployed IPTV game service in the world and contains more than 100 casual games in various categories. The 3D games will be available for all Ekioh customers from Q3 2011.

“We’re happy to work with an application leader like Accedo to illustrate the powers of our new engine” said Piers Wombwell, CEO, Ekioh. “Games were the logical starting point but we’re looking forward to a wave of application & UI innovation from Accedo and other industry players”.

Ekioh’s stereoscopic 3D engine has been released to a closed set of customers and partners and will be widely available on the market from Q2 2011. The Ekioh engine is flexible and allows for integration into most middlewares and devices.

Accedo is showcasing games and applications at IPTV World Forum in London March 22-24 2011.

About Accedo Broadband

Accedo Broadband is the leading provider of applications for IPTV and Connected TV. Accedo Broadband provides the largest available application store for IPTV and Connected TV containing, for example, IPTV games, quizzes, puzzles, VOD, live TV, music, karaoke, lifestyle, sports, weather, social media and communication services. Accedo’s Funspot gaming service is the most widely deployed IPTV gaming service in the world.

Accedo is a privately held company founded by telecom and media entrepreneurs Michael Lantz and Fredrik Andersson primarily backed by Swedish VC Industrifonden. Accedo Broadband is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with branch offices in London, Sunnyvale, Hong Kong and Sydney.

For more information, visit www.accedobroadband.com.

About Ekioh

Ekioh designs and develops user interface software for embedded systems. The Ekioh UI Engine delivers fast, responsive user interfaces based on the SVG standard, and the Ekioh Browser is an advanced web browser supporting the latest HTML standards.

Based in Cambridge, UK, Ekioh makes it easy to develop compelling user interfaces for consumer devices. The Ekioh team has many years of experience developing user interface software for embedded systems, including JVMs and JavaTV, HTML and SVG.

For more information, visit www.ekioh.com

Media Contact Accedo:

Helen Weedon

Communications Manager

Accedo Broadband

Tel: +44 7733 231922

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