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Accedo TV Client Platform Powers TV UX at IBC 2015

by david.nunes

Accedo TV Client Platform Powers TV UX at IBC 2015

Stockholm, 27th August, 2015 – Accedo, the global market leader in TV Application Solutions, will be previewing navAgility™ – Accedo’s new TV UX platform for managed video services at IBC 2015.

Architected to meet the unique needs of IPTV, cable, satellite, and OTT pay TV operators and other distributors of managed video devices, the navAgility UX platform supports both HTML5 and Android, allowing for a quick and easy deployment on modern video devices. By combining modular white-label UX components with the control of Accedo’s award-winning backoffice cloud products, customers can create a fully integrated, customizable TV UX solution.

navAgility™ provides all UX applications required by today’s television services, including: program guide, VOD storefront, DVR menu, recommendations, connected home interface, third party video service management and portal, and settings management. navAgility™ is scheduled for release in the 4th quarter of 2015.

navAgility™’s innovative modular client code architecture supports efficient upgrades, meets operator customization requirements, and accommodates the diversity of the television ecosystem, while providing the economies of scale, low-risk delivery, and roadmap of a product solution.

Leveraging the power of the cloud for ongoing operational control and management, the navAgility™ platform uses the award-winning application management products Accedo AppGrid® and Accedo Application Sphere®, which power tens of millions of consumers globally.

“Pay TV operators require the same personalizable compelling user interfaces, release velocity, technical and operational agility, and customizability that have been the hallmark of OTT video services. At the same time, they have unique operational and management requirements,” Lawrence Brickman, Accedo Global Vice President for TV Client Solutions explained. “Our new navAgility™ platform provides the benefits and economies of an upgradable white label product, while fully supporting ecosystem fragmentation and customization requirements.”

“Pay TV operators are under pressure to keep pace with increasing competition from OTT services,” commented Accedo CEO Michael Lantz. “With a long history of providing solutions to tier 1 pay TV operators, coupled with our experience delivering OTT video services across the globe, we are well positioned to bring the power of OTT UX technologies to managed video services.”

navAgility will be available for demonstration in Accedo’s stand in the Content Everywhere Hall 14 at IBC 2015.

About Accedo
At Accedo we have more than ten years of experience helping hundreds of TV platform operators, broadcasters, media companies, and consumer electronics manufacturers across the globe to design, deliver and manage the next generation video user experience across a vast range of connected devices.

We provide a comprehensive suite of products and services to help our customers launch engaging and successful video user experience, on any device or any technology platform. Powered by award-winning products and services and a continuous focus on technology and process innovation, we help our customers keep the consumer experience attractive, intuitive, and easy to navigate.

With headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, we have sales and delivery offices across the globe, in London, Madrid, New York, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Sydney, Santiago de Chile, Auckland, Budapest and Guadalajara. Our investors include Industrifonden and Acacia.

For more info, please see www.accedo.tv, Twitter: www.twitter.com/accedotv, Facebook: www.facebook.com/accedo.smarttv.

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