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Accel Solutions and Veego Software Sign Agreement with Bezeq to IntegrateVeego’s AI Solution

by Anthony Weaver

NEW YORK – June 14, 2022 – Accel Solutions and Veego today announced the
integration of Veego’s Artificial Intelligence and machine learning solution
with Bezeq, Israel’s largest Telecom. The integration will enhance Bezeq’s
ability to provide its subscribers with improved Internet quality of
experience and mitigate network malfunctions.  Bezeq will integrate Veego’s
solution in their consumer line of Be-Routers. The Veego solution provides
Bezeq the ability to identify and mitigate connectivity malfunctions
remotely, attain a broad overview of the network and improve the overall
experience for its customers. 

Niv Berkner, Head of Services and Product Innovation at Bezeq indicated “I
have no doubt that the integration of the Veego solution in our Be-Routers
will allow us to provide our customers an optimal quality of experience. The
Veego solution will allow us to understand the interaction between all the
devices connected in the home, and as such, provide Bezeq the ability to
identify, anticipate and mitigate network related malfunctions remotely,
without the customers involvement and/or being aware.”

“Veego provides ISPs and CSPs the ability to leverage data and provide them
with insights that alleviate churn, while constantly improving the customer
experience.” outlined Amir Kotler, Veego’s CEO.

“The integration of Veego’s AI and ML capabilities enable Telcos to actually
experience what the customer experiences when he has an internet malfunction
that disrupts a healthy Internet process,” Kotler added “Veego’s solution
enables ISP to predict the issue, resolve it in autonomic ways and as a
result, improves operational efficiency, increases revenues and reduces

Ronen Shor, CEO of Accel Solutions stated, “The Bezeq – Veego agreement is
another step in our continuous enhancement efforts on the products sold to
Bezeq and a significant technological upgrade offered by Bezeq to its
customers. Accel Solutions considers Veego as a strategic partner with
tremendous potential in the international market. 

About Accel Solutions Group
Accel Solutions Group includes the following companies: IBI Active, AOS,
Danet Communications, Chip PC Technologies, Isralink. The group’s activities
include the development, distribution, integration and investment of
products and services based on advanced technologies in the field of
telecommunications, including products for wired, wireless, cellular, and
optical communication networks, Internet of Things (“IoT”), SaaS services of
information security, cloud, and automation. The group also deals with
managed solutions of thin computing stations, advanced office solutions and
smart city solutions. The group’s customers include all telecom operators in
Israel, government, and other big organizations.

To learn more, please visit https://accel.co.il/

About Veego Software
Veego is a data analytics company established to help Telcos leverage and
monetize their own data to improve operational efficiency, increase revenues
and reduce churn while providing subscribers the best quality of experience.
Based on Artificial Intelligence and other breakthrough technologies, Veego
delivers real-time and non-real-time contextual data from an agent on the
router that learns the subscribers’ behavior, their specific-individual
needs and the home internet performance. Veego converts data into actionable
insights that enables CSPs to know and understand their customers in a deep
and intimate way.

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