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Accel Telecom Launches First Standalone Connected Car Smartphone

by david.nunes

Accel Telecom Launches First Standalone Connected Car Smartphone

VOYAGER connects drivers easily, clearly and safely

Tel Aviv- Israel: February, 18th, 2013—Accel Telecom, a leading Israeli telecommunications company, has officially launched VOYAGER, the ultimate Connected Car Smartphone device. VOYAGER is the first standalone Connected Car Smartphone device that can be easily installed in any car and operates using an existing phone number via a twin-SIM.

VOYAGER is a dedicated Connected Car Smartphone device that provides drivers with a safer and superior Connected Car experience. The device combines Android based Smartphone technology with an HSUPA Qualcomm module to deliver a driver centric device that ensures safer calling, easy navigation via a dedicated Waze launcher key and multiple car focused applications.

VOYAGER is designed to enhance safe driving with hands-free dialing, dedicated large physical keys, crystal clear, echo free sound quality and an in-car 3G WiFi Hotspot connection among the many core features. VOYAGER also connects to the car on-board diagnostics (OBD) to allow car diagnostics, fleet management applications and more.

At some point in the future, every car will need to be connected to the outside world through a cellular network. The most user-friendly and secure way to enable this is by embedding a SIM card and a communication module inside the car.

GSMA’s mAutomotive Report, 2012

Shmulik Keret, VP Waze said: “VOYAGER will provide drivers with a superb Waze navigation experience and we are excited to partner with Accel Telecom on this innovative connected car device.”

Marc Seelenfreund, CEO Accel said: “Our user-friendly, cost effective and secure Carfone devices have seen substantial market success. We expect strong demand for the new generation VOYAGER Connected Car Smartphone device in both European and US markets in line with recent industry reports and our own research with industry influencers.”

Key features:

·         Android UI

·         HSUPA Qualcomm based device

·         In-car 3G-WiFi Hotspot connectivity

·         Integration with Google and Exchange

·         High level noise reduction and echo cancelation

·         Voice activation

·         Driver centric design to ensure safe driving

·         Dedicated hard keys for safe intuitive operation

·         Car centric applications for advanced communication

·         Dedicated Waze launcher key for easy navigation

·         Crystal clear echo free sound quality

·         Connection to OBD via BT or RS232


Summary of Connectivity Solutions






Integrated device for extra safety


Communication Model



Battery life

Long-life: Connected to car battery


Cellular coverage

External 3G antenna for better cellular coverage

Varying levels of coverage

Voice quality

External microphone/speaker

In car echo cancellation


Ease of use

Large physical  buttons on keypad

Touch buttons

Phone dependent

Not easy with smartphones


Easy to use / direct GPS key

External accurate GPS

Phone dependent

Varying levels of quality

Voice dialing

Direct voice dialing key

Not available on all devices

Connection to car audio system



Safety: Emergency Call Service

One Touch SOS call

Phone dependent

Fleet management

Support various fleet management applications


On Board Diagnostics (OBD)

Connection to car computer for diagnostic apps


Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot


3G Wi-Fi coverage

Phone dependent


About Accel Telecom

Accel Telecom is a leader in the Israeli telecommunications market known for its ability to introduce the newest and most robust solutions in IP, wireless and cellular technologies to the telecom market. Accel work with leading telecom and mobile operators providing cutting edge communications solutions.

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