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Accuris Networks and Lintel Brazil Join Forces to offer Wi-Fi Roaming Solution

by david.nunes

Linktel and Accuris Networks Give Brazilian Travelers Roaming Solution in North America

Connectivity to Next-Generation Wi-Fi is Easy and Seamless; No Need for Cumbersome Usernames or Passwords

Los Gatos, CA, and Barueri, Brazil —  January 5, 2015 – Brazilians visiting or vacationing in North America can now take advantage of seamless, secure connectivity to Wi-Fi networks when roaming in the United States and Canada thanks to a new multi-phase partnership between Wi-Fi offload and roaming innovator Accuris Networks (www.accuris-networks.com) and telecommunications service provider Linktel (www.linktelcorp.com). 

In the United States alone, the number of visitors from Brazil increases every year, with over 1.5 million Brazilian travelers in 2011.  Now any Linktel customer will be instantly connected to roaming Wi-Fi hotspots without cumbersome usernames or passwords. The enabling technology is the award-winning AccuROAM™offload and roaming platform from Accuris Networks.

Accuris Networks already provides American visitors travelling to Brazil with seamless, secure mobile phone connectivity to Wi-Fi networks throughout the country.  (See release: Linktel and Accuris Networks Deliver Seamless Roaming at World Cup in Brazil). In the near future, the companies will also be delivering much-needed local Wi-Fi offload for key enterprises and ISPs in Brazil as well as in areas that experience network congestion such as malls and metro stations.  In addition, Linktel is investing heavily in Wi-Fi networks so that it may offer offload solutions with Accuris Networks during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

 “Connecting to Wi-Fi networks will be a key driver for operators in 2015,” said Jonas Trunk, CEO of Linktel.  “Wi-Fi hotspots let us provide continuous services to customers as they travel the globe;  they are able to stay connected to their phones without exorbitant roaming costs.  Added to this, we can offer visitors to Brazil access to hotspots thanks to technology from Accuris Networks.”

“This new cost-effective, easy-to-access Wi-Fi service from Linktel and Accuris Networks is timely given what has been called a “boom” in Brazilian travelers to the United States, according to the U.S. International Trade Commission,” said Jeff Brown, CEO, Accuris Networks.  “Accuris Networks is an innovator in interworking solutions for mobile carriers globally making it easy for carriers to connect users to Wi-Fi networks, enabling any Wi-Fi to work as a full extension of their 3G/4G networks for billing, policy and authentication.” 

About Accuris Networks

Accuris Networks is an innovator in interworking solutions for networks including Wi-Fi offload and roaming, mobile enablement, device management and network convergence.  The AccuROAM platform gives mobile carriers a secure and seamless Wi-Fi offload and roaming solution, that includes access server/gateway technology and billing integration designed to provide a seamless and secure user experience for data, voice and messaging services.   Communication service providers use AccuROAM to offer integrated and disruptive solutions by connecting current and emerging mobile broadband networks such as GSM CDMA, LTE and Wi-Fi.   Accuris Networks works with global customers and partners including AT&T, Bell Mobility, Telus, GoGo, Cisco, HP and Alcatel-Lucent.  Accuris Networks has offices in the US, Malaysia, Brazil and Japan with it’s HQ in Ireland. For more information, visit Accuris Networks at www.accuris-networks.com

About Linktel

Linktel is an operator that offers global telecommunications solutions in a practical and effective way, providing fast and secure communications. Established 12 years ago as a partner of Linktel Lightwave Inc., which specializes in the deployment of optical networks on the West Coast of the United States. As member and participant of the Wi-Fi Alliance and WiMAX Forum® communities, Linktel has a network that complies with parameters of performance, safety and quality established and recognized on a worldwide basis, keeping pace with the latest global technological trends.  For more information about Linktel’s technology backbone, coverage, range of services or to consult our hotspot list in Brazil, please visit www.linktelcorp.com.

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