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Acorn Technologies Announces HellaPHY™ IP Core for Industry-Leading Performance in 4G Wireless Networks

by david.nunes

Acorn Offers Exceptional Spectral Gain More Economically

4G World – Chicago – October 19, 2010 – Acorn Technologies www.acorntech.com, an Intellectual Property (IP) development and commercialization company, today announced the launch of HellaPHY™, a chip-level IP core solution for OFDM-based 4G wireless networks that offers more than 60 percent gain in spectral efficiency. With the resulting increase in capacity and bandwidth efficiency, mobile operators can deliver higher data rates and wider coverage to end-users, greatly improving the business case for operators deploying LTE or WiMAX networks.

HellaPHY works by increasing overall receiver performance, offering capacity improvements under challenging mobile channel conditions – including co-channel interference, inter-carrier interference, multi-path interference and thermal noise.  Compared to other technologies, HellaPHY provides some of the highest spectral gain per dollar while retaining critically low implementation complexity. The HellaPHY implementation can be easily integrated into a 4G chipset solution with minimal impact, yet provides great technical performance improvement.

In addition, HellaPHY can work with single antenna or as an improvement to multiple antenna (MIMO) receivers. When embedded in handsets or base stations, the technology greatly reduces network total cost of ownership (TCO).  Service providers can deploy fewer base stations and still deliver a better user experience.

“Acorn’s approach to equalization and channel estimation differs greatly from what is available in OFDM systems today,” said Steve Caliguri, vice president of Telecoms for Acorn Technologies. “We have taken years of experience in signal processing and applied it in a very unique way.  The mathematical techniques we employ allow for a greatly simplified implementation that otherwise could not be possible in consumer devices.”

“With the launch of HellaPHY for 4G wireless networks, Acorn Technologies is executing its mission to bring game changing solutions to large technology-based markets,” said Tom Horgan, CEO, Acorn Technologies. “The company has several important technology solutions that are being launched over the next 12 months in the semiconductor and telecom markets.”

About Acorn Technologies
Acorn Technologies engages in the invention and development of advanced technologies, which have substantial commercial value.  It is also a leader in the area of Intellectual Property (IP) transactions. Acorn has three lines of business: IP transactions for a variety of sources including academia, major corporations and venture backed companies; Semiconductors, where we are developing nanotechnologies focused on performance and scaling; and Wireless telecommunications for 4G and beyond, comprising chip-level performance improvement for significant gains in spectral efficiency. Acorn is composed of a group of scientists, engineers and business people with deep roots in the technology innovation landscape.  Founded in 1999 and privately held, Acorn has operations in Los Angeles, Palo Alto and San Diego. For more information, please visit  www.acorntech.com.

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