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Acorn Technologies’ HellaPHY™ IP Core Boosts 4G Network Performance on Two Current Commercial Platforms

by david.nunes

HellaPHY’s 4G implementation offers cost savings, simple integration and exceptional spectral efficiency gains

4G World¾Chicago¾October 19, 2010¾Acorn Technologies (www.acorntech.com), an Intellectual Property (IP) development and commercialization company today announced the successful integration of Acorn’s chip-level IP core solution for 4G networks—HellaPHY™, with LTE and WiMAX platforms from Texas Instruments and Runcom Technologies respectively. Test results, demonstrated a more than 60 percent gain in spectral efficiency for both LTE- and WiMAX-based networks.  Acorn Technologies  collaborated with AirHop Communications on its HellaPHY solution for LTE

Acorn achieved standards-compliant integration of HellaPHY™ into Texas Instruments’ LTE development platform as well as full integration with Runcom’s WiMAX commercial hardware. Significant spectral efficiency gains were observed when HellaPHY™ was implemented over the baseline approach.

HellaPHY greatly reduces network total cost of ownership (TCO), as service providers can deploy fewer base stations and still deliver a better user experience. HellaPHY™ works by increasing overall receiver performance, offering capacity improvements under the most challenging mobile channel impairments, including co-channel interference, inter-carrier interference, multi-path interference and thermal noise.  Compared to other technology approaches, HellaPHY™ provides exceptional spectral gain while retaining critically low implementation complexity.

“In selecting a partner to enhance our OFDM and WiMAX solutions, we look for technologies that deliver on the promise of 4G—higher data speeds and advanced mobile applications,” said Eran Bello, vice president of marketing and sales for Runcom. “As mobile operators continue to deploy WiMAX, service providers are looking for ways to optimize their networks. Acorn Technologies’ HellaPHY integration was very straightforward and the performance is excellent”

“The combination of HellaPHY™ with TI’s LTE reference board well exceeded our performance expectations,” opined Hanson On, vice president of engineering at AirHop Communications, Acorn’s LTE Partner.  “This platform provides an excellent foundation for LTE basestations that incorporate advanced RAN-management products like AirHop’s eSON™.”

Steve Caliguri, vice president of Telcom at Acorn Technologies, stated, “Working closely with industry leading partners like AirHop and Runcom helps to confirm Acorn’s unique signal processing approach that allows for a greatly simplified implementation that provides significant spectral efficiency gains.  Independent validation by third-parties obviously adds significant credibility to our product.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with our partners in these efforts.”

About Acorn Technologies

Acorn Technologies engages in the invention and development of advanced technologies, which have substantial commercial value.  It is also a leader in the area of Intellectual Property (IP) transactions. Acorn has three lines of business: IP transactions for a variety of sources including academia, major corporations and venture backed companies; Semiconductors, where we are developing nanotechnologies focused on performance and scaling; and Wireless telecommunications for 4G and beyond, comprising chip-level performance improvement for significant gains in spectral efficiency. Acorn is composed of a group of scientists, engineers and business people with deep roots in the technology innovation landscape.  Founded in 1999 and privately held, Acorn has operations in Los Angeles, Palo Alto and San Diego. For more information, please visit www.acorntech.com.

About Runcom Technologies

Runcom Technologies Ltd. develops superior technological standards and products that target the emerging Beyond-3G market known as WiMAX and LTE, enabling the delivery of enhanced communications services to cellular phones and other mobile devices. Runcom is the recognized pioneer of OFDMA® technology, accepted as the preferred solution for the IEEE 802.16a BWA standard, enabling telecoms to provide customers with enhanced voice and data services. The technology continues to strike roots in the expanding wireless agenda, recently becoming a cornerstone of the emerging 802.16e standard for Wireless MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks). Runcom’s leading standing in the OFDMA® solutions arena and its ability to provide a vertical oriented solution from silicon to complete networks, positions it competitively to lead the way in providing WiMAX solutions in global market.

About AirHop Communications

Founded in 2007, AirHop provides wireless infrastructure software solutions critical to the next wave of the Mobile Internet. AirHop’s eSON™ (evolved Self-Organized Networking) software is the first solution that solves the installation, operation and performance challenges of multi-layer, small cell deployments. eSON is available now for demonstration to customers and partners. AirHop is privately-held and based in San Diego, CA. For more information, please visit www.airhopcomm.com.

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