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Actelis’ Carrier Ethernet Broadband Solution Enables Pulsant to Accelerate Business Growth

by david.nunes

Actelis’ Carrier Ethernet Broadband Solution Enables Pulsant to Accelerate Business Growth


UK-based ISP doubles business Internet speeds and reduces support costs.


MUNICH, Germany, April 17, 2012 – Actelis®, The Broadband Acceleration Company™, today announced at Light Reading’s Ethernet Expo Europe (Stand #10) that Pulsant (formerly Lumison) has selected to deploy the company’s Carrier Ethernet broadband solution. The move enables the UK-based ISP to offer its customers significantly faster broadband services without the need to invest in new fiber build-outs. Actelis’ solution provides Pulsant and its customers with a fiber-like experience over the existing copper network. Pulsant’s migration to an Ethernet-based broadband solution, which can deliver the increased bandwidth that its SME (small to medium-sized enterprise) customers are demanding, is a cost-effective way to retain existing customers and win new business. Alternatives such as fiber are too expensive and other legacy services are too slow and unreliable.


“Installing Actelis’ EFM (Ethernet in the first mile) products allowed Pulsant to reverse the attrition that we started to see on the legacy service,” said Richard Morrell, technical director at Pulsant. “Rather than discounting the slower legacy services and competing on price, we were able to grow our business by delivering greater value to our customers by doubling the bandwidth and increasing service reliability.”


More than 75% of Pulsant’s customer base has migrated to the 5Mbps service, and the ISP is now offering a 10Mbps service for customers demanding additional bandwidth, according to Morrell.


“Because Actelis’ EFM technology is more cost effective than fiber, we do not have customers moving to other service providers. If we lose a customer, it’s because they’ve moved out of our area,” commented Morrell.


Pulsant selected Actelis for its unmatched EFM performance and also for the company’s element management system, MetaASSIST™ EMS. Pulsant relies on the remote diagnostics and trouble-shooting capabilities afforded by MetaASSIST™ EMS to help keep operating expense low. Providing Pulsant the ability to monitor and manage its SLAs (service level agreements) and reduce costs and workload on the Pulsant support center was a key differentiator for Actelis. Pulsant now estimates that it has halved the time that it used to spend on service and support of the previous broadband service.


“Since all diagnostics can be carried out quickly and remotely, this greatly reduces the need to send out an engineer to the exchange or to a customer site,” explained Morrell. “This greatly reduces the time taken to resolve the issue and, subsequently, benefits customers by restoring services faster and decreasing disruptions caused by site visits.”


“With our products’ high-bandwidth capabilities and unmatched reliability, Actelis’ Carrier Ethernet broadband solutions are a perfect fit for the mid-size market,” said Joe Manuele, executive vice president of worldwide sales and customer support. “Most companies in the SME market require 5Mpbs to 10Mbps of bandwidth. Actelis products allow ISPs like Pulsant to deliver the right mix of broadband services at highly competitive prices, suiting the needs of the mid-market much better than fiber or legacy services.”


About Pulsant

Pulsant was founded in 1995, and has grown to be one of the UK’s largest providers of managed networks, hosted services, managed hosting and colocation. Headquartered in Edinburgh, Pulsant recently acquired hosting provider DediPower, and has offices throughout Scotland and England, five exchanges in Scotland, eight data centers and two network operation centers (NOCs) based in Glasgow and Reading. These NOCs provide round-the-clock network monitoring and Internet service delivery to SMEs in the public and private sectors. Learn more at http://www.pulsant.co.uk.


About Actelis Networks

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Actelis is the global market leader and innovator in developing and manufacturing universal broadband solutions for telecom service providers, enterprises and municipalities worldwide. Deployed by more than 200 service providers across 50 countries, Actelis is accelerating universal broadband services to unserved and underserved subscribers through award-winning technologies like the Broadband Accelerator, EFMplus™, Dynamic Rate Boost (DRB) and Dynamic Spectral Shaping (DSS). These unique, patented technologies enable service providers to deliver universal broadband services that are unmatched in any marketplace, providing the greatest rate, reach and reliability over existing infrastructures. Actelis®, Actelis Networks® and Actelis Networks XLR8® are registered trademarks. The Broadband Acceleration Company™, EFMplus™ and MetaASSIST™ are trademarks of Actelis. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners. Learn more at www.actelis.com and follow Actelis on Twitter at www.twitter.com/actelis.


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