Actian and Pateric Software Implement Robust and Cost-effective GIS Solution for Utility Company


System Integrator uses Ingres 10S Geospatial and Quantum GIS to provide real time mapping solution for utility company


REDWOOD CITY, CA, July 10, 2012Actian Corporation today announced that Pateric Software, a boutique custom software developer specialising in electric utility distribution switching operations, is combining Ingres 10S Geospatial with Quantum GIS to provide utility companies with a cost-effective mapping tool to help provide real time business value. Announced in May, Ingres 10S solves issues in next generation mapping software and enables end users to collect, migrate and analyse geospatial data along with their enterprise data.


The combination of Ingres 10S and Quantum GIS will enable Pateric to build an underlying connectivity editing tool to visualise and manage the connected equipment model for switching applications that help prevent operating error, improve workflow and decrease outage times. Ingres 10S and Quantum GIS provide Pateric with the “missing link” needed to modernise applications to a point where location-based data can be productised and implemented for additional electric utility customers.


“We have long dreamed about being able to initiate switching operations from a visual network diagram. Ingres 10S and Quantum GIS provide the right combination of tools to make that dream a reality,” said Eric Mischke, principal at Pateric Software. “We’ve extended our switching app for our showcase customer providing power to New York City from their electric network to their relay telephone circuit and steam distribution networks, and with the help of Ingres 10S and Quantum GIS, soon we intend to add their dielectric fluid network.”


Ingres 10S, an all-in-one spatial and relational database, does not require additional add-ons to access its geospatial functionality and fits with Pateric Software’s current Ingres database architecture. Ingres 10S includes read/write support to leading GIS software packages, including MapServer and GeoServer support with unlimited data import flexibility.


“Ingres 10S provides a robust and cost-effective platform for modern applications, such as GIS dashboards. These applications are becoming more location aware and will soon require the ability to handle spatial data,” said Chip Nickolett, vice president of customer sales and services at Actian Corporation. “The real value exists in having the ability to incorporate enterprise data with spatial data to create applications that are intuitive and provide insight into complex correlations of data that were previously unknown and often difficult to detect.”


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