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Actian Helps European Freight and Cargo Company to Fight Theft

by david.nunes

Actian Helps European Freight and Cargo Company to Fight Theft


TimoCom Achieves 100x Faster Data Analysis with VectorWise


REDWOOD CITY, CA – Actian Corporation (formerly Ingres Corp.), today announced that TimoCom, the market leader in European freight exchange, selected the industry’s fastest data analytics engine, VectorWise, to provide intelligent control and analysis of its 300,000 daily international cargo space and freight offers from more than 85,000 users.


“Our database in its existing form had reached its limits,” says Ingo Klose, Manager Business Intelligence at TimoCom. “We switched to VectorWise because we need to manage an increasing amount of data for analysis and reporting. The new analytic capabilities not only provide us with more effective and deeper insight into customer behavior but also allow us to benefit from an enhanced ability to identify any irregularities and prevent theft.”


The company is using VectorWise to help monitor for criminal activity. In the transport and freight forwarding industry, criminal organisations try to gain illegal access to the hundreds of thousands of transport and freight offerings to find out when a product will be at a specific place in order to steal it. VectorWise allows TimoCom to analyse and detect irregularities on the platform at an early stage and have a comprehensive overview of suspicious activities at any time.


“Generally, we have already seen up to hundredfold of the inquiry speed in our initial tests,” explains Klose, “without having done any optimisation of the tables or inquiries. And the performance when using the solution on our existing virtualised systems was remarkably good.”


VectorWise is one of the most significant database technology innovations of the last 20 years and meets broad business demands to analyse the exploding volumes of data. Since it was launched in June 2010, VectorWise has successfully achieved performance increases in commercial deployments of 100x that of existing databases, by utilising the latent processing power in modern hardware.


“VectorWise has helped TimoCom spot suspicious activity faster than ever before, providing a more secure and reliable experience for its customers,” said Steve Shine, CEO of Actian. “In the very near future they will also be able to take automatic action as soon as irregularities are detected with Action Apps.”


About TimoCom

TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH was founded in 1997. It is an IT service provider for all companies involved in transport. TimoCom has developed from a start-up to a medium-sized company within only a few years. With a large team composed of international staff, TimoCom offers two European procurement platforms: TC Truck&Cargo®, the market leader among the vehicle and freight exchanges, as well as TC eBid®, the online platform for transport tenders. For more information about TimoCom please visit: http://www.timocom.com  


About Actian: Incite Action

Actian Corporation (formerly Ingres Corp.) is the first to unveil a cloud development platform for building Action Apps. Action Apps are lightweight consumer-style applications that automate business actions triggered by real-time changes in data. Actian products incite action at more than 10,000 customers worldwide by driving their mission critical workloads and providing rapid action insights to their data. Actian is headquartered in Redwood City, California with offices in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Melbourne.


Actian, Cloud Action Platform, Ingres, and VectorWise are trademarks of Actian Corporation. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.


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