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Aculab announces GA for Aculab Cloud

by david.nunes

Aculab launches a cloud-based alternative to traditional telephony equipment


As a managed service you get to focus on your telephony

 application – Aculab Cloud handles the rest


2nd Feb 2012, Milton Keynes, UK, USA – Aculab, a leading provider of computer telephony hardware and software, has launched Aculab Cloud.  Described as a new deployment option, Aculab cloud brings together all the essential software traditionally loaded onto voice boards or available to download onto host processors, and wraps it into a scalable, easy to use, on-demand, platform as a service.


If you don’t have a business critical requirement to install, manage and maintain your own telephony hardware or software on site, Aculab Cloud presents a means to utilise proven telephony resources without the set-up and running costs.  Aculab handles all the management requirements of the Aculab Cloud telephony platform, freeing up your time and resources to focus on innovation and telephony application development.


Cost reduction goes beyond the ongoing management of traditional technology; savings can also be made as peaks in voice traffic no longer need to be provisioned for.  If you need to handle fluctuating call volumes – no problem, Aculab Cloud scales accordingly and you only have to pay for what you used when you used it. As far as you are concerned usage simply becomes an ongoing OPEX not a large upfront expenditure.


Aculab Cloud comes with a comprehensive set of high level telephony APIs, making it easier and more cost effective for developers to build telephony applications in weeks not months.  If you know Python or C#, telephony is now in your toolkit.


Features range from:- international inbound PSTN service and outbound PSTN service, play, record, TTS, conferencing (for up to 400 parties), transfer, DTMF, CPA, live speaker detection, answer machine detection and many more essential features for building a diverse range of solutions; from contact centres, to conferencing solutions, PBX, to auto diallers, voice broadcast system to IVRs.  Aculab Cloud can resource them all.


Aculab have already welcomed a number of ‘volume customers’ to the platform, which during beta saw some 3 million minutes (and growing) pass through the platform last month.


Andrew Maillet from BLI Messaging said “The Aculab Cloud service provided my company with the ability to quickly develop and deploy a stable and scalable voice broadcasting system.  Our previous internal systems were limited in capacity, but with Aculab Cloud we are able to consistently handle a much higher workload from our clients”.


 Adam Johnston, Quality Assurance Analyst at BeQuick Software said “Aculab’s Cloud architecture allows us to concentrate on designing solutions for our customers needs instead of debugging VoIP protocols and state machines. Aculab’s vast experience in Telecoms, along with an industry leading Cloud architecture gave us confidence to choose Aculab as our next gen IVR partner,”


Aculab Cloud is a robust, scalable and cost-effective service that wraps all the complexities of integrating telephony resources into an easy to use platform,” said Faye McClenahan, Aculab’s Head of Strategic Marketing. “Built on Aculab’s telephony heritage and expertise, Aculab Cloud lets all manner of telephony-centric innovations to be created and deployed as on-demand services,” she added. 


For additional information on Aculab and Aculab Cloud, please visit www.aculab.com or cloud.aculab.com



About Aculab

Aculab is an innovative, market leading company that provides world class IP and media processing technologies to the global communications market. With many years of experience in helping to drive our customers’ success, our enabling technology provides the essential components required to deliver multimodal voice, data, fax and video solutions for use within IP, PSTN and mobile networks – with performance levels that are second to none.


Aculab serves the evolving needs of developers, integrators, service providers and equipment manufacturers with cost-effective, deployment proven, high performance products. Companies worldwide have adopted our technology for a wide variety of business critical services and solutions.

Aculab’s head office is located in Milton Keynes, UK with offices in the USA, Germany and Australia. 




Richard James


Telephone: +44 (0)1908 273843

Email: Richard.james@aculab.com

Website: www.aculab.comhttps://cloud.aculab.com


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