Hosted AMS Server environment provides testing and validation platform for Python and C# developers

19 October 2010, Milton Keynes, UK – Aculab, a leading provider of enabling technology for the global communications market, today announced that it has gone live with a hosted test and evaluation platform for developers to verify applications that are designed on its newly-launched AMS Server development platform.  The ‘sandbox’ environment allows developers to remotely evaluate applications built using AMS Server, while avoiding the need to set up a local test platform.

Announced in September, Aculab’s AMS Server allows developers, service providers, integrators and enterprises to create and customise telephony-based applications faster and less expensively than traditional platforms. The AMS Server offers both telephony and business application developers the ability to leverage the high-level Python and C# programming languages to build applications, instead of the complex C and C++ languages that have been prevalent in the telephony space.

“Developers that use high-level, object oriented languages such as Python and C# are able to create telephony-based applications in a matter of days using AMS Server,” said Ian Colville, Aculab Product Manager.  “The ‘sandbox’ lets developers evaluate and test AMS Server and its client APIs, and run example or even demo applications in real time—all without the capital and time investment needed to create and maintain a local test environment.  This capability helps ensure fast time-to-market for new features and products in an arena where most often, the best money goes to the first solution in the marketplace.”

Integration of telephony-based capabilities into business applications is facilitated by support of the same high-level programming languages many developers are already using.  The arrangement enables the quick verification and debug of developed code with dedicated user resources for play/record of customised .wav message files that can be readily uploaded or downloaded via FTP.  Registration credentials are provided for use between the ‘sandboxed’ AMS Server and the target client application, enabling it to make inbound and outbound calls at runtime.

Each ‘sandbox’ user is assigned generous storage and access rights to the hosted AMS Server in order to simplify testing, evaluation or demo in a secure and stable environment.  The test and verification environment is provided as a free service to all registered developers using the AMS Server development platform.

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About Aculab

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