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AdaptiveMobile releases new intelligence on Signalling vulnerabilities in global mobile networks

by david.nunes

AdaptiveMobile releases new intelligence on Signalling vulnerabilities in global mobile networks

Company finds evidence of complex location tracking and call interception attacks in Europe and the Americas

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, Barcelona, Spain – 27th February 2017 – AdaptiveMobile, the world leader in mobile network security, today released new evidence on global SS7 Signalling attacks, including complex location tracking and call interception attacks that were able to bypass more basic STP-based defences. This evidence shows the increasing level of sophistication in SS7 attacks being encountered by operators, demonstrating the increasing capabilities and resources of attackers.

AdaptiveMobile’s latest intelligence profiles three attack campaigns that attempted to track and surveil subscribers throughout Europe and the Americas. The Company detected one malicious SS7 platform in the Middle East trying to evade defences in a target operator based in the Americas by sending sophisticated sequences of commands, aiming to intercept calls, harvest subscriber information, and track the location for a number of target phone users. A second, separate SS7 platform based in at least two Western European locations attempted to probe and break into a European network by sending a range of attacks of increasing sophistication. This platform’s attacks continued to increase in complexity and eventually managed to bypass many defences in place.

AdaptiveMobile’s Signalling Protection secures the SS7 and LTE/Diameter networks using a unique combination of carrier-grade firewall, advanced analytics, and the unique threat intelligence from working with nine of the top 10 operator groups to protect over 1.5 billion mobile subscribers. Using the latest in AI techniques and cutting-edge, self-learning algorithms, the Company’s Signalling Protection continues to detect and defend against real-life sophisticated attacks.

 “We are seeing increasingly complex attacks being targeted against global mobile networks,” said Cathal Mc Daid, chief intelligence officer of AdaptiveMobile. “Attackers have evolved quickly in response to the on-going deployment of basic SS7 defences based on STPs or static firewalls, and as a result the threats to mobile networks and subscriber’s security have never been greater. Our advanced threat detection algorithms and research teams provide the most effective technology available to the mobile industry today; this new intelligence demonstrates the immediate need for mobile operators to address the evolving threats and stay one step ahead of attackers.”

Currently deployed in five continents, the Company continues to provide security leadership and expertise based on the very latest detection technologies from their world-leading Threat Intelligence Unit. AdaptiveMobile will be at Mobile World Congress from 27th February – 3rd March in Hall 2, 2D41MR, and will be showcasing a visualisation of this new intelligence and demos of their Signalling Protection during this time. To request a meeting, please email sales@adaptivemobile.com.

About AdaptiveMobile
AdaptiveMobile is the world leader in mobile network security protecting over 1.5 billion subscribers worldwide and the only mobile security company offering products designed to protect all services on both fixed and mobile networks through in-network and cloud solutions. With deep expertise and a unique focus on network-to-handset security, AdaptiveMobile’s award winning security solutions provide its customers with advanced threat detection and actionable intelligence, combined with the most comprehensive security products on the market today.

AdaptiveMobile was founded in 2004 and boasts some of the world’s largest mobile operators as customers and the leading security and telecom equipment vendors as partners. The Company is headquartered in Dublin with offices in North America, Europe, South Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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