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Adax announces GTP-U Acceleration Cards for demanding LTE, Mobile Offload and Legacy Telecoms Nodes

by david.nunes

Adax Announces GTP-U Acceleration Cards for Demanding LTE, Mobile Offload and Legacy Telecoms Nodes

5 December 2012, Reading, UK – Adax (www.adax.com), an industry leader in high-performance packet-processing, security and network infrastructure, now offers a high-performance GTP-U acceleration card; the Adax GTP-AMC.

GTP-U is the critical data plane protocol in today’s emerging LTE networks. User appetite and willingness to pay for mobile broadband data is driving network build out fuelled by usage-based data plans. User service level agreements based on Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) rely heavily on both network intelligence and data plane throughput. GTP-U acceleration is key to delivering the services and quality customers demand and expect from their LTE network service providers.

Mobile Data Offload (MDO) also requires the intelligent use of GTP-U tunnels. With the adoption of Wi-Fi hotspots into the managed network and the expected proliferation of small cells, sending non-critical, non-revenue producing data directly to the Internet will become more and more important to service provider business models. Reserving the core network for high-performance, highly-secure, revenue producing data applications is key to profitable IP core networks. Legacy 2.5 and 3G networks also use GTP-U. These networks would benefit not only from acceleration but also interworking ATM-based GTP-U tunnels with all-IP LTE traffic. This allows service providers to leave existing plant in the field for an extended period of time, saving on CAPEX while providing access to the most advanced network fee-based services.

The Adax GTP-AMC card takes full advantage of an advanced on-board multi-core processor to support up to 32,500 GTP PDP contexts per card. It also supports GTP-U Termination, Bypass, and Relay. GTP-C and GTP’ traffic can be terminated to the host, relayed to another GTP tunnel or simply discarded. Any to any IP to IP to ATM interworking makes the Adax GTP-AMC card ideal for LTE SGW and PGW nodes as well as 3G RNCs, S/GGSNs, MDO, and 2.5G Base Stations.

“Adax has a long history of anticipating and responding to new market requirements. GTP-U acceleration is another example of Adax enabling our customers to meet the latest technical challenges and achieve the desired business goals. We are very pleased to offer this service to the general market,” said Drew Sproul, marketing director at Adax Inc.

About Adax

Adax is an industry leader in high-performance packet processing, security, and network infrastructure for the All-IP network. For 30 years Adax has uniquely blended software and hardware expertise to create the most productive and efficient products in the telecom industry. The broad and highly-flexible Adax product set consists of protocol controllers, packet processing boards, software protocols, and now integrated systems, for Core Network nodes, Security Gateways, Femto/Home eNodeB Gateways, Policy Servers and Data Offload devices.

Adax meets today’s challenges of scalability, cost effectiveness and high availability with solutions for LTE, 3G, and Legacy networks and the interworking between them. Adax customers include the world’s premier telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs), value added service (VAS) providers and system integrators including: Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Fujitsu, NEC, NSN, Samsung, Aricent, Bravo, Comba, Comviva, Contela, Invigo and NewNet. For 30 years Adax has established an extensive track record for helping customers reduce CAPEX and OPEX whilst increasing their competitive capabilities.

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