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Adax Announces Octeon II Packet2-PCIe Board and Software

by david.nunes

Adax Announces Octeon II Packet2-PCIe Board and Software

For RMS LTE Packet Processing

Advanced PCIe controller with unmatched intelligence and performance for Packet Processing, IP Flow Management, Security, QoS, DPI, Load & Session Balancing, Internet Offload and Backhaul applications on Rack Mount Servers.


May 8th, 2012, Reading, UK – Adax (www.adax.com), an industry leader in high-performance packet-processing, security and network infrastructure, is pleased to announce the availability of the Packet2-PCIe (Pkt2-PCIe) communication controller. The Pkt2-PCIe takes advantage of the advanced Octeon II 66xx NPU to provide front-end intelligent processing for traffic and bandwidth management, QoS and security on all LTE wireless applications, delivering a highly available, high-performance, carrier-grade transport from the edge to core networks. The Octeon II offers 6-10 cores at up to 1.5GHz with 2 or 4GB of DDR3 RAM, delivering line speed packet processing for today’s demanding mobile applications.


The Pkt2-PCIe offers three build-time options for I/O; 2x 10GbE ports, 1x 10GbE plus 4 GbE or 4x GbE interfaces.The Pkt2-PCIe is the perfect intelligent device to process packets for both control and data plane traffic. The board and software provide advanced capabilities, including embedded Adax IPsec based on the AuthenTec QuickSec distribution of security software.  The Cavium on-board processor handles thousands of packets per second allowing the host processor to maximise application performance.


This generation of the Pkt2-PCIe is based on the state of the art Cavium Octeon II network processor. The Octeon II utilises the SDK 2.x which is backward compatible with previous SDKs for the Octeon Plus family NPUs. Applications that run today on SDK 1.x, such as the Adax Pkt-AMC boards and Adax PacketRunner (APR) ATCA carrier blade, may use the same APIs on the Pkt2-PCIe card. This allows existing customers to easily upgrade their applications, systems and architectures with minimal development time, providing fast time to market and reducing CAPEX and OPEX. Designed for use in Rack Mount Servers (RMS) the Pkt2-PCIe serves high availability, high bandwidth carrier applications in LTE wireless network nodes such as the MME, SGW and PWG.


Third party applications and partner software, such as the recently announced EPC Lite ‘Network in a Box’ from Aricent, can be quickly and easily integrated with the PKT2-PCIe to provide solutions for the EPC core network and backhaul application using Carrier Ethernet (CE).


“The Pkt2-PCIe is the most advanced packet processing PCIe communications controller on the market today. Whether you need one or a variety of packet processing functions or intelligent backhaul, Pkt2-PCIe is the card for you,” said Drew Sproul, director of marketing, Adax Inc.


 About Adax

Adax is an industry leader in high-performance packet processing, security, and network infrastructure for the All-IP network.  For 30 years Adax has uniquely blended software and hardware expertise to create the most productive and efficient products in the telecom industry. The broad and highly-flexible Adax product set consists of protocol controllers, packet processing boards, software protocols, and now integrated systems, for Core Network nodes, Security Gateways, Femto/Home eNodeB Gateways, Policy Servers and Data Offload devices.

 Adax meets today’s challenges of scalability, cost effectiveness and high availability with solutions for LTE, 3G, and Legacy networks and the interworking between them. Adax customers include the world’s premier telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs), value added service (VAS) providers and system integratorsincluding: Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, NEC, NSN, Samsung, Aricent, Bravo, Comba, Comviva, Contela, Invigo and NewNet.For 30 years Adax has established an extensive track record for helping customers reduce CAPEX and OPEX whilst increasing their competitive capabilities.www.adax.com


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