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ADVA Optical Networking and HEAnet Demo SDN Controlled 4K Video Services at TNC2014

by david.nunes

ADVA Optical Networking and HEAnet Demo SDN Controlled 4K Video Services at TNC2014

ADVA FSP 3000 ROADM Technology Plays Key Role in Delivering Ultimate Network Flexibility

Dublin, Ireland. May 21, 2014. ADVA Optical Networking announced today that it is showcasing a 4K video services network at TNC2014. Developed in collaboration with HEAnet, i2CAT and Eurotek, the demo is designed to outline how enterprises can roll-out commercially viable ultra-high definition video streaming services. Based principally upon a software-defined networking (SDN) controller and the ADVA FSP 3000’s colorless and directionless reconfigurable optical add drop multiplexers (ROADMs), the network underlines how you can effectively transport terabits of data to a multi-tenant cloud-based infrastructure.

“Flexibility is key for tomorrow’s networks; it’s a fundamental building block that could prove to be the deciding factor between success and failure,” said Christoph Glingener, CTO, ADVA Optical Networking. “This is especially true for service providers that need to provision enormous amounts of streaming media. Being able to rapidly respond to fluctuating bandwidth demand is vital. That’s why this demo is so important. We’ve harnessed OpenDaylight to build an SDN controller that is capable of orchestrating end-to-end 4K video services over an advanced ROADM network using OpenNaaS as a service orchestration platform. This is something that has never been done before.”

The TNC2014 demo is the latest collaboration between the teams at ADVA Optical Networking and HEAnet. Over the past eight years, ADVA Optical Networking has worked with HEAnet to rapidly expand its research and education (R&E) network. With a footprint that covers over 4,000 institutions and 200,000 users across Ireland, HEAnet is continually advancing its infrastructure. In 2013, ADVA Optical Networking completed the latest upgrade to HEAnet’s national backbone with the deployment of the ADVA 100G Core, multi-degree ROADMs and the FSP Network Manager.  

“We’ve worked side-by-side with the team at ADVA Optical Networking for many years. They’re continually helping us to drive our network forward and realize our users’ ambitions,” commented John Boland, CEO, HEAnet. “With the TNC2014 demo, we’re showing how the flexibility of software-defined networking can be applied to optical networks like the HEAnet national backbone network in the future.”   

For more details on the demo, including viewing times, please visit: http://adva.li/tnc14.

Watch the latest ADVA FSP 3000 video for more product information: http://adva.li/3dfsp3000.

About ADVA Optical Networking

At ADVA Optical Networking we’re creating new opportunities for tomorrow’s networks, a new vision for a connected world. Our intelligent telecommunications hardware, software and services have been deployed by several hundred service providers and thousands of enterprises. Over the past twenty years, our innovative connectivity solutions have helped to drive our customers’ networks forward, helped to drive their businesses to new levels of success. We forge close working relationships with all our customers. As your trusted partner we ensure that we’re always ready to exceed your networking expectations. For more information on our products and our team, please visit us at: www.advaoptical.com.

About HEAnet

HEAnet is Ireland’s National Education and Research Network, providing cutting edge Internet, associated ICT and e-Infrastructure services to Educational and Research organisations throughout Ireland. HEAnet’s e-Infrastructure services underpin academic research and education activity in Ireland with approximately 200,000 students & staff (third-level) and approximately 800,000 students & staff (first and second-level) relying on the HEAnet network each day for their learning and research needs. www.heanet.ie

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