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Advanced Digital Services Expands its High Definition Services with Snell Alchemist Ph.C – HD

by david.nunes

ADS adds superior high-definition standards conversion to round out SD/HD video service offerings as part of its market expansion strategy

HOLLYWOOD, CA – October 22, 2010 – Advanced Digital Services, Inc. (ADS), a leading global provider of mastering, encoding, restoration and duplication services, announced today that they have added Snell’s Alchemist Ph.C – HD motion compensated standards converter to their high definition (HD) video service offerings.

The award-winning Alchemist Ph.C – HD is the latest addition to ADS’s ongoing market expansion strategy for continual investment in best-of-breed technologies that help provide its clients with the widest breadth of cost-efficient services to address evolving global market dynamics.

Alchemist Ph.C – HD is a complete one-box solution that meets the needs of current and emerging broadcast conversion standards and HD display technologies, offering superior cross-conversion, upconversion and downconversion of constant and varying frame rates, including 1080p. In addition to handling 16 channels of PCM audio, Alchemist Ph.C – HD is Dolby E ready, complete with an integral audio delay to eliminate audio-video sync errors. It features the ability to convert between all commonly used HD broadcast standards and formats and has been architected to accommodate new standards as they emerge.

“The overwhelming access to on-demand media and information anytime and anywhere has forever changed the time-to-market and monetization model for content providers,” said Brad Weyl, chief operating officer at ADS. “Our studio clients are faced with the daily challenge of seamlessly and efficiently delivering secure, high-quality SD (standard definition) and HD content in multiple formats across a myriad of media platforms and broadcast outlets globally in the shortest amount of time. Alchemist Ph.C – HD’s ability to seamlessly cross- convert, upconvert and downconvert  HD content without loss of audio-video sync, while maintaining the highest image quality and Dolby E integrity, is the perfect tool to help address certain aspects of this challenge. Moreover, ADS has been a longtime user and supporter of Snell technologies and the workflow and time efficiencies afforded by the Alchemist Ph.C-HD and our other Snell HD and SD solutions provide a win-win for all.”

“We value our longtime partnership with ADS, and its adoption of the Alchemist Ph.C – HD is real recognition of the system’s ability to help customers meet the technical challenges of today’s multi-format, multi-standard marketplace,” said John Shike, vice president, marketing and channel management, Snell. “As Alchemist Ph.C – HD continues to receive widespread market acceptance, we remain committed to driving customer-centric innovation into the product line to add higher value for our customers.”

About ADS

ADS (Advanced Digital Services) is a leading global provider of value-added post-production services that include standard definition/high definition, digital new media, restoration, duplication, encoding and electronic delivery services to the media and entertainment industry. The company employs many of the industry’s elite ‘craftsmen’ and its highly skilled personnel possess significant industry experience and knowledge. ADS provides 24/7 audio and video post-production services, delivering the industry’s highest quality movie trailers, electronic press kits (“EPK’s”), episodic television programming, motion pictures and television spot advertisements. With a complete end-to-end digital workflow built to maximize flexibility, efficiency and quality, ADS serves the most respected and recognized motion picture and television studios, media and entertainment companies and advertising agencies in the United States and abroad.

ADS’ customer-centered approach to projects results in the delivery of consistent high-quality assets, on time and on budget. For more information, contact 323.468.2200 or visit us at www.adshollywood.com.

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