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Advantech Wireless Selected for VSAT upgrade

by david.nunes

Advantech Wireless Selected for VSAT upgrade

Montreal, Canada, June 11, 2012 —Advantech Wireless, a Canadian-based manufacturer of DVB-RCS VSAT Hubs, RF Equipment and Microwave systems, is proud to announce that it received and completed a contract to provide a redundant DVB-S2 ACM forward link to expand an existing Advantech Wireless VSAT Hub for a major communications firm in the mid-western USA.  This contract has enhanced their ability to offer web-based proof of performance to their customers in hundreds of digital display locations throughout the USA.

Advantech Wireless has provided this redundant forward link by adding DVB-RCS VSAT hub equipment that includes AMT-75 DVB-S2 ACM modulators, IPe-422 IP Encapsulators, ACM adaption units and RF switches. Advantech Wireless also provided the powerful NetManger tool for network optimization, remote monitoring and control. Additionally, Net QoS software was installed. It will improve bandwidth management for their mixed-media traffic.

The customer has migrated from DVB-S to DVB-S2 CCM and now to DVB-S2 ACM since first purchasing their VSAT hub from Advantech Wireless in 2004. “The ability to provide this customer with a scalable solution was a key factor in their initial purchase decision and the reliability and performance of Advantech Wireless’s products is what keeps them returning,” affirms Pierre Cardinal, VP Global Sales.

The addition of advanced coding and modulation (ACM) technology allows the VSAT hub to respond dynamically to changes in each terminal’s situation and weather conditions that may cause signal degradation. The use of ACM can improve capacity of up to 200%, as it eliminates the need for fixed system link margins typically used to mitigate rain fade or interference.

The customer’s hub now supports 3 outbound transport streams (1 TS – DVB-S, 1TS – DVB-S2 CCM, 1TS – DVB-S2 ACM) with all inbound carriers being supported on a single card Advantech MCD (MultiCarrier Demodulator). This configuration is unique in the industry. A major advantage is that the configuration enables the terminals associated with all 3 TS to statistically share the one pool of inbound carriers among all the terminals. Other systems would have a minimum of 3 separate pools of satellite bandwidth making the scheduling of the bandwidth significantly less efficient. This feature also enables easy movement of terminals between the different TS without any loss in inbound efficiency. This mechanism allows customers to migrate legacy terminals running DVB-S to DVB-S2 at their own pace without any concern for loss of inbound bandwidth efficiencies

About Advantech Wireless
Advantech Wireless, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified corporation, is shaping the world with leading-edge wireless broadband communications. Since 1988, Advantech Wireless manufactures and deploys networking solutions for broadband connectivity, broadcast solutions and backhaul requirements using satellite and terrestrial wireless communications. Products include: Terrestrial Microwave Radios, Antenna Controllers, Deployable Antennas, SSPA’s, Block-up Converters, Frequency Converters, Satellite Modems and VSAT (DVB-RCS) Hubs & Terminals. For further information please visit the company’s web site at: www.advantechwireless.com.

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