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Adyton Systems takes the next-generation firewall to the highest level of network security

by david.nunes



Adyton Systems takes the next-generation firewall to the highest level of network security


Leipzig’s IT security company Adyton Systems has considerably advanced the concept of the next-generation firewall and is going to present their security solution NETWORK PROTECTOR at it-sa exhibition in Nuremberg coming October.


Leipzig, 9 September 2011. Adyton Systems has perfected the concept of the next-generation firewall (NGFW) with their new NETWORK PROTECTOR solution. It combines application and protocol whitelisting with full validation of every data stream. Any unidentifiable network connection is automatically blocked unless an exception has been defined. This provides protection even against most zero-day attacks. NETWORK PROTECTOR integrates firewall, intrusion prevention, application control, web filtering, malware protection and many more functions in a single system. Intelligent assistants and an automatic network infrastructure discovery help even inexperienced network administrators to fully secure their network against external and internal threats.


Last June the German Federal Office for Information Security reported an elevated threat level for IT services and providers. Attackers increasingly rely on vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications, as recent attacks against big enterprises like Google, Sony and the Citibank have shown.


The principle of the next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR is comparable to an x-ray luggage scanner at an airport: every single bag needs to be scanned and any item inside has to be positively identified. Adyton Systems uses the very same principle – called full-validation whitelisting – and applies it to company networks: Every data transmission is analyzed with regard to application type and content. Only fully validated and verified transmissions are allowed to pass. Any other transfer will be blocked from leaving or entering the corporate network.


Adyton Systems presents their NETWORK PROTECTOR at Nuremberg’s security exhibition it-sa from 11 to 13 October, hall 12, booth 227. Co-founder Klaus Mochalski will talk about “Next-generation firewall redefined by Adyton Systems” at the Blue Forum on Tuesday, 12 October.


Additionally, Adyton Systems will exhibit at GITEX (9-13 October in Dubai, VAE) and at Infosecurity NL (2-3 November in Utrecht, Netherlands). Interested companies, representatives of the press and distributors are very welcome to visit us.


About Adyton Systems AG


Adyton Systems is a technology company located in Leipzig, Germany. Our NETWORK PROTECTOR redefines the next generation firewall concept. Adyton Systems has developed the novel technology of full-validation

whitelisting as the core of its NETWORK PROTECTOR next generation firewall. It uses the most advanced deep packet inspection (DPI) engine available on the market for an unprecendeted level of application visibility and control. NETWORK PROTECTOR is simple to set up and manage even for non-expert users and provides maximum network security. www.adytonsystems.com



About IT security fair it-sa


The it-sa has established itself as one of the most eminent international IT Security trade fairs. More than 300 exhibitors showed to businesses, researchers and the public authorities who made up the more than 7,000 visitors eager to find out all about the latest products and developments in IT Security. www.it-sa.de 



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