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Aeroflex Introduces 5800 Series Multi-Strategy Test System to India’s Automotive Sector

by david.nunes

Aeroflex Introduces 5800 Series Multi-Strategy Test System to India’s Automotive Sector

Partners with established India market player iNETest for local distribution

DELHI, INDIA — September 5, 2013— Aeroflex Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroflex Holding Corp. (NYSE:ARX), today announced at Productronica India that it is introducing its 5800 Series ATE system to the Indian automotive manufacturing market with the appointment of iNETest Technologies India Pvt. Limited for distribution and sales of this product in India.

The Aeroflex 5800 Series is a multi-configuration, multi-functional test system that addresses the complex needs of today’s electronic manufacturing environment. This includes the automotive sector as well as contract electronics manufacturing, defence and medical device manufacturing, all of which are important in India. The Aeroflex 5800 Series provides an open approach to software, allowing easier integration of hardware and instrumentation from third-party suppliers, and enabling one machine to be cost-effectively configured for different test environments.

iNETest, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ellipsiz Ltd, is a one-stop manufacturing and test solutions service provider for high volume electronic manufacturers. Headquartered in Chennai, with offices throughout India, iNETest is a leading established player in the Indian automotive and electronics manufacturing markets.

“Aeroflex believes the automotive sector in India is poised to enter a very interesting phase, with vehicles now integrating much more functionality on board such as airbags, electronic body control, more sophisticated audio-visual systems and navigation, which require advanced test environments as compared to traditional test processes,” said Stephen Hire, General Manager, Aeroflex India.

“The Indian electronics manufacturing industry is the focus of a significant level of attention, with Government proposals to support electronics manufacturing clusters and an aim to make India a hub for the global Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) industry,” added Soni Saran Singh, Managing Director of iNETest Technologies. “On the technology side, printed circuit board (PCB) designs are becoming more complex with the challenge of shorter life spans, making it difficult for manufacturers to predict product longevity and future roadmap without accurate and advanced test equipment. We believe the 5800 Series will enable electronics manufacturers in India’s automotive and other sectors to resolve complex test environment challenges and enable them to develop good quality test solutions, and achieving greater time-to-market and competitive advantages.”

With today’s ever changing technology, the printed circuit board (PCB) designs are becoming more and more complex while their life span generally is becoming shorter. This makes the task of specifying test equipment exceedingly difficult for anyone who manufactures PCBs. Machines are frequently becoming redundant, with manufacturers changing their preferences of test in line with their needs. If the need is to perform multiple types of tests it is difficult to justify purchasing several separate machines as this will not only occupy a lot of space but also eat into profit margins. However, this dilemma can be solved with a tester with an open architecture like the 5800 Series.

The Aeroflex 5800 Series of PXI based testers allows integration of hardware and instrumentation from third party suppliers, enabling one machine to be cost effectively configured for different test environments. It also adopts an open approach to the software that allows simple integration of third-party drivers and other software.

The open hardware architecture allows configurable chassis and interface styles to accommodate low cost analog component testing, through to high integrity analog and digital functional test solutions. The integrated 21-slot PXI based backplane enables the user to implement solutions using not only Aeroflex PXI cards but also cards from any PXI card supplier. The 5800 Series of testers comprises three body styles, the 5860, 5830 and 5820.

Other features of 5800 series include:

· NET compliant software

· Analog component and functional test

· Up to 3456 analog test points

· Up to 1152 digital test channels

· Highly configurable

· Fast program development

· Small footprint – highest pin to volume ratio


For more information, contact your local Aeroflex sales office by visiting or calling Aeroflex Sales at (800) 835-2352 [US], +91 80 41154501 [India], +44 (0)1438 742200 [UK] or info-test@aeroflex.com.

About Aeroflex

Aeroflex Incorporated is a leading global provider of high performance microelectronic components and test and measurement equipment used by companies in the space, avionics, defense, commercial wireless communications, medical and other markets.

About iNETest Technologies India Pvt. Ltd

“iNETest Technologies India Pvt. Limited”, an ELLIPSIZ Group Company – is a one Stop Manufacturing & Test Solutions Service Provider for Electronics Industry.

iNETest in India is established solely for providing Dedicated & Customized Sales, Service & Solutions to the Customers in the field of PCBA Test & Inspection equipment

The word iNETest stems from “Integrated (I) Network (NET) of Test Engineers (Test).

With Head office in Chennai, iNETest has established offices at Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune & Hyderabad to provide the best Sales & Service Support to the customers.

For further information please see http://www.inetest.co.in


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