Aerolia Selects PHX ModelCenter® to Automate Engineering Processes Across Aircraft Programs

– French aerostructures leader further improves product quality by adopting Phoenix Integration solutions

TOULOUSE, France, Sept. 13, 2012 – Phoenix Integration, a leading provider of software for engineering automation, integration, and design optimization, today announced that its flagship software, PHX ModelCenter®,  will be widely deployed by Aerolia, provider of equipped fuselage aerostructures for all Airbus aircraft programs and the Bombardier Global 7000 and 8000 programs.

Engineering processes in aerostructure design are uniquely challenging because they vary greatly among aircraft programs and involve a myriad of simulation tools, including commercial, legacy, in-house, and OEM frameworks.

“For years, due to diversity of clients and programs, our engineers developed their own macros and tools to simplify daily work. But these integrations were not robust enough to adapt to other processes and aircraft programs,” explained Mr. William Belloc, head of Engineering Capabilities at Aerolia.

Through the use of PHX ModelCenter, Aerolia’s engineers are now able to quickly wrap applications like Nastran, Isami, SAFE, Airbus PSN applications or other Excel macros, without any change required on the existing IT infrastructure, to automate process execution for better efficiency and robustness while harmonizing methods across aircraft programs.

Following a thorough testing phase focused on stress, fatigue, and CAD processes, Aerolia proved PHX ModelCenter’s ability to share integrated processes to the whole engineering community and improve the processes themselves by eliminating error due to manual translation. Ultimately, the resulting robust processes and ability to run more simulations yield improved product quality.

“The light installation procedures and easy adoption convinced us to widely deploy PHX ModelCenter and migrate many of our engineering processes,” said Mr. Belloc.  “We are confident that PHX ModelCenter will allow us to improve and leverage processes for the whole engineering community.”

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About Aerolia

Super Tier 1 Partner in Design & Build Aerolia works alongside its customers’ teams to deliver fully equipped fuselage aerostructures

For 90 years and from design to production and support, Aerolia is a global reference for equipped fuselage aerostructures and commits itself and accompanies its customers on the way of development. With 3,100 people, and activities in France (Meaulte, Saint-Nazaire and Toulouse), Germany in Hambourg, Canada in Quebec, China, South Korea, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates, Aerolia is the best in metal and composite for, today, all the families of Airbus and for the fuselage of the Bombardier Global 7000 & 8000.

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