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Africa: a fertile innovative continent

by david.nunes

Africa: a fertile innovative continent

·Identification of the potential of e-Infrastructures in Africa with respect to e-Health, e-Learning and e-Government.

·Support to actors in the African e-Infrastructures ecosystem to network and share knowledge through workshops and meetings.

The brochure includes key information on what e-Infrastructures are and the main at a glance findings and recommendations to EC (including conclusions) and strategic actors (mainly Africa Connect). European and African Researchers are offered the possibility to benefit from new research opportunities in many fields which is made possible by advanced research infrastructures underpinned by e-Infrastructures. Last but not least, a sample of projects or early-adopters spotlighted in the Virtual Observatory are highlighted.
ERINA4Africa Virtual Observatory makes available the results of the mapping activities to the broad community giving an insight into trends and current evolution of e-Infrastructures and, more in general, computing technologies in Africa.

It is a common space where the international community of EU and African players can learn more and share knowledge on the use of ICT in Africa to boost Academic and Industrial research.

The Virtual Observatory is accessible from here www.erina4africa.eu/casestudy_search and can be browsed upon authentication.

To learn more on the Initiative, please visit the website or contact us at info@erina4africa.eu

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