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Agency 2 will help advertisers to reach 30 million viewers over Tricolor TV

by david.nunes


Agency 2 will help advertisers to reach 30 million viewers over Tricolor TV

Agency 2, a part of the GS Group holding, developed and launched in test mode a peoplemeter TAM system. The system provides detailed viewership data for the second largest DTH operator in the world – Tricolor. A wide range of thematic channels within Tricolor TV packages could be used to plan and run an efficient advertising campaign. Such a campaign could be precisely focused on a highly affinitive target audience and is therefore interesting for advertisers. Commercial launch of the system is scheduled in early 2015.

Agency 2 is the adsales agency exclusively working with the audiences of Tricolor TV. Together with experts and technical contractors the agency developed a TAM system that significantly improves the accuracy of the data on the TV audience volume, TV viewers characteristics and their preferences. The system is developed under the supervision of independent consultants. Resulting analytical data will be a subject to the regular international audit by independent media authorities.

One of the features is that it allows to precisely explore the TV viewership on smaller channels where affinity index is exceptionally high. Such a focus allows highly targeted campaigns that (a) optimize advertisers’ media expenditures and (b) give access to incremental audiences, unreachable over the large FTA national channels (additional 10-15%, according to Agency 2 estimates).

Additional advantage of the new system lies in the fact that, Tricolor TV has a unique base of HD channels subscribers, being an absolute leader in HDTV viewing in Russia. The company’s HDTV audience had reached over 3,5 million – more than any other Russian digital content supplier has. As a result, Agency 2 has discovered and is actively developing a new fast growing advertising segment of consumers of HD-content. Currently, the system is working in test mode and allows exploring more than 30 HDTV channels and getting detailed data on the audience number and preferences.

The current peoplemeter system largely affects the advertising market, as the decision on advertising placement is taken on the basis of obtained data. In fact, today only the audience in cities with population of 100,000 or more is subject to regular research, and, thus, is understandable and attractive for advertisers. In total, the number of such cities residents is 67 million, which is less than half of the country’s total population numbering 143 million. The key feature distinguishing the new peoplemeter system is that it will also provide data not only on viewers of major cities, but also of small towns with population of less than 100 000 people. In total 74 million Russians live in such cities which is more than half of the country’s population.

“Advertisers need a quality toolkit that will allow them to manage investments in TV advertising effectively. Only a peoplemeter system, which best suits the current situation on the Russian market and takes into account its continuous development, can become such a tool”, — said Ilya Sorokin, General Director of Agency 2.

Thanks to Agency 2 unique toolkit advertisers will be able to optimize TV advertising campaign coverage and cost, using the resources of more than 200 themed channels in Tricolor TV broadcasting network. In addition, Agency 2 offers advertisers the opportunity to replace ad units on broadcast TV channels (the so-called “Operator A-pack”).

“Geographical sampling and profile of the Tricolor TV subscriber base will allow to obtain preference judgment  when watching satellite television, actually representing 30% of TV viewing market“, said Sergey Stavropoltsev, Acting General Director, Director of Regional Development of Tricolor TV. The peoplemeter system developed by Agency 2 carries out a detailed approach to measurements and helps to get the most objective reflection of the viewership in the country. We will actively use the new system data for taking key decisions. Moreover, it is another opportunity to monetize advertising inventory that we generate. On the basis of the received data we can work more effectively with TV channels included in the Tricolor TV broadcasting network”.

Currently Tricolor TV is mostly presented in the following country’s regions: Krasnodar Territory – 68%, Republic of Kalmykia – 67,1%, Karachay–Cherkess Republic – 59%, Smolensk region – 53%, Republic of Ingushetia – 52,4%, Stavropol Territory – 50,5%, Chechen Republic – 49,9 %, Republic of Adygea – 49,6%, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania – 49,4%, Kabardino-Balkar Republic – 47,1%, Kaluga region  – 46%, Republic of Dagestan – 45,4%,  Republic of Karelia – 43,1%, Tverskaya region – 42,5%, Moscow region – 41,7%.

The first 1050 devices for audience measurement are already installed in most of these regions, in respondents’ houses by a special households sociological sample (gender, age, income, etc.). During a year, about 5000 of such devices, built in the Tricolor TV STB’s, will be installed throughout the country. They will fix data (channel, time and viewing duration) of the family members. All the data is delivered to a special data processing center using MegaFon (Russian telecommunication leader) 3G modem.

“Our experience in developing innovative advertising platforms and new advertising tools can be employed by advertising agencies and TV channels. New system can become a part of a unified national peoplemeter aggregator. We are willing to share our experience”, assured General Director of Agency 2. “We believe that launch of the new peoplemeter system will enable further development of the Russian television and mediaadvertising markets”.

About GS Group

GS Group is an investment and industry holding, operating on the basis of its very own high technologies in telecommunications and innovations. The holding was founded in Russia. The Russian headquarters of the holding is located in St. Petersburg, the international office is in Zug, Switzerland.

Key activities: implementation of international broadcasting projects, nanomaterials and microelectronics R&D and mass-production; construction and development of Technopolis GS innovation cluster; deep wood processing; investment in venture projects; media content production and management, software products design and integration, full-service advertisement, logistics and trade.


About Agency 2

Agency 2 is an exclusive seller of advertising for the channels assembled on Tricolor TV. Opportunities of Agency 2, a part of the GS Group holding, allow carrying out effective federal and regional advertising campaigns, using the commercial slots of the leading Russian satellite operator. The agency is included in the list of the leading Russian companies providing advertising airtime on Russian TV. As a full service advertising agency, the company provides a full range of services from creative strategy development to advertising production and placement in all information channels in Russia. Agency 2 is the largest agency in St. Petersburg by total revenue.


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