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Agrantec Launches New Version of “Farmango” Cloud Based Beef Farm Management Software

by david.nunes

Agrantec Launches New Version of “Farmango” Cloud Based Beef Farm Management Software

Agrantec, the British agri-food supply chain management service company, today announced the launch of a new version of “Farmango”, the cloud based management system for beef farmers. Farmango can be used on smartphones, tablet computers, such as Apple’s iPad ™, and personal computers. The latest version, 5441 Farmango, includes a dashboard to allow the farmer to check on key data such as animal weight gain, the number of animals in each location on the farm and key tasks for the day.

Says Martin Coates, CEO of Agrantec: “Farmango 5441, helps you to focus on the important issues. The dashboard function helps you to plan your day and to be much more efficient. You can select the factors that you want to have displayed on the dashboard to suit the needs of your business.”

Smartphones and tablets can be used whilst roaming around the farm. This means that each farm worker can have his own set of tasks to work through. As each task is completed, the fact of completion, along with any associated information, can be directly entered into the Farmango system. For many tasks, Agrantec offers a specialist mobile “app” to further simplify data gathering.

Martin Coates: “There is a huge amount of paperwork associated with running a modern farm. When we were designing Farmango, we realised that we needed to do what we could to reduce it. We started by implementing a direct link to the BCMS stock database, allowing farmers to automatically upload, or download, records. Then we started to focus on reducing the need for other forms of data entry by allowing farmers to use mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones to capture information at source. This removes the need for transcription of data and, with it, the errors that can creep in.”

About Agrantec

Agrantec is an independent company with no affiliations to other organisations in the food supply chain.

We are experienced IT professionals with in depth knowledge of large scale, multi-user systems developed using the latest technologies to make the systems fast and easy to use.

We have experience of agricultural supply chains and have been involved in running large and small scale operations coupled with a good understanding of the technical challenges as well as the commercial pressures they operate under.

Agrantec uses the same ideas we see in smart mobile telecommunications. We want to use automated links, wherever possible, for real-time data capture and analysis. The opportunity for technology to do much of the ‘heavy lifting’ in record keeping, provision of management information, traceability and meeting statutory requirements is huge and so far under used as a solution for hard pressed farmers and their business partners.


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