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AIMS International Announces Advanced Vectored VDSL2 Testing

by david.nunes

AIMS International Announces Advanced Vectored VDSL2 Testing

New integrated test solution provides efficient, cost-effective in-house interoperability and conformance testing for Vectored VDSL2 products and services

Fife, Scotland, UK — November 13th 2013 – AIMS International, one of the foremost innovators and suppliers of cutting edge software test solutions to the Broadband industry, is today launching its new Vectored VDSL2 Test solution, designed to enable telecoms operators to undertake internal testing on their Vectored VDSL2 modems.

Incorporating a powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI) to control Vectored VDSL2 test environments for modem testing, the AIMS International solution allows stringent testing according to global specifications published by the Broadband Forum and the NICC (BBF TR-249 and NICC 1436).

The AIMS GUI runs on an external PC and allows users to control a number of elements in the test scenario, including various DSLAM types, such as those from Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei, making it an integrated solution that meets the needs of a variety of organisations desiring to test their own products and services. The test platform also handles the Telebyte crosstalk emulator, cable farm cross-connect switching and external noise generators and it enables the user to obtain and compare net data rate information in Single, FEXT and Vectored configurations for all channels in a vectored group.

The GUI can also be integrated into an automated test system using AIMS TR-249 test software solutions. The AIMS software binds all these elements together to enable the testing and provides the user control interface. As a result the Vectored VDSL2 test solution provides a highly effective test platform that allows telecoms operators, ISPs, modem manufacturers, conformance test labs to run tests according to industry specifications.

“Vectored VDSL2 is the up-and-coming technology for driving more performance from DSL networks and increasing broadband capacity over copper, with increasing numbers of telecoms operators trialling and implementing throughout the world. As the industry calls for more and more Vectored VDSL2 products to be readily available, so testing also becomes a more urgent requirement,” says Doug Hay, CEO of AIMS. “Our Vectored VDSL2 testing solution based on industry standards, allows our customers to test internally, keeping costs down and increasing efficiency. It is the most advanced testing solution available to the market today, especially as an off-the-shelf product.”

AIMS International supplies DSL test solutions for all types of copper-based technologies from ADSL to Vectored VDSL2. Solutions are designed according to Broadband Forum technical specifications (TRs), NICC standards and industry best practice.

About AIMS International

AIMS (INT) Ltd. AIMS International is one of the foremost innovators and suppliers of cutting edge software test solutions to the Broadband sector of the Telecoms market. With a network of partners and distributors in Europe, North America, and the Far East already in place, AIMS (INT) is constantly looking to expand into new markets worldwide.

For more information, visit AIMS website at www.aimsint.com

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