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AIRCOM launches OPTIMA 7.0

by david.nunes

AIRCOM launches OPTIMA 7.0


End-to-end performance management tool brings simplicity to increasingly complex, multi-technology fixed, mobile and IP networks


Leatherhead, 15 November 2011 – AIRCOM International has launched OPTIMA 7.0, a major upgrade of its advanced network performance monitoring and management tool. Part of AIRCOM’s I-VIEW framework, OPTIMA brings together a cohesive, centralised, end-to-end view of network performance, across multiple technologies, regardless of vendor.


With mobile operators currently contemplating and actively migrating to LTE, key consideration is being given to ensuring network performance is optimised throughout new systems and legacy systems not compromised.  OPTIMA 7.0 can give a single network view across all network technologies including GSM, UMTS, HSPA, LTE and WiMAX to deliver central control and optimal customer experience. OPTIMA is also capable of collecting data at the device level to further enhance quality of service analysis and reporting. The OPTIMA performance management system is proven and scalable, having been deployed across a significant tier one LTE network in the US.   


OPTIMA manages and monitors a multitude of network core and transmission technologies, including SDH, PDH, Ethernet and TDM. It is also compatible with infrastructure equipment from over fifty different vendors, making OPTIMA a single access point where multiple users can efficiently identify network issues.  The OPTIMA system allows network operators to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be used to review network performance. Furthermore, OPTIMA can integrate with other data sources to create bespoke real-time performance dashboards and reports for different departments, such as management, marketing, and customer services.


“Network performance and service quality has become the most important differentiator for operators around the world,” said Alwyn Welch, CEO, AIRCOM International.  “Demand for new services is driving operators towards LTE, adding new levels of complexity in managing multiple technologies delivered through a wide variety of different vendors.  OPTIMA removes this complexity by delivering a single unique view of network performance end-to-end, ensuring operators have the visibility and control across its entire network to deliver the best possible user experience.”



About AIRCOM International

AIRCOM is an independent provider of network management tools and services.  Our I-VIEW framework allows mobile network operators to rapidly, efficiently and seamlessly plan, manage, configure and optimise their networks. I-VIEW enables operators to regain visibility and control of their entire network, enabling radical shifts in business dynamics to become more efficient, more agile and more profitable.


The market leader in the provision and deployment of network engineering tools, AIRCOM products are in use across 135+ countries by over half the world’s mobile operators. Every day, the 20 top global operators depend upon AIRCOM’s tools and consultants to improve network coverage and quality for more than 1.1 billion subscribers worldwide. Established for 15 years, we have built our reputation on creating and releasing additional value from within cellular networks.


With offices in 14 countries, we provide local and regional viewpoints and resource, as well as ensuring that our operator customers benefit from our global knowledge. By looking ahead of the market and sharing intelligence, we develop the skills and tools that network operators need to remain competitive, whatever the economic climate.


With over four million hours working on 3G networks alone, our expertise translates into direct and measurable cost savings for mobile operators. From initial consultancy through project implementation, using our staff, training yours, or sourcing expertise for you to take in-house, we are dedicated to maximising the performance of your network, and therefore your business.


Contact for Press

Daniel Lowther/Paul Nolan


T: +44 7747 636 687/ +44 7717 723440

E: aircom@ccgrouppr.com


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