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Aito Technologies announcement: Aito CEA 5 redefines Customer Experience Analytics landscape for Telcos

by david.nunes

Aito CEA 5 redefines Customer Experience Analytics

landscape for Telcos


New product release delivers significant advances

for customer profiling, lifetime value analysis, social network analysis and mobile advertising




Mobile World Congress, Barcelona & Espoo, Finland – February 28th, 2012:  Aito Technologies, the leading provider of Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) for communications service providers (CSP), today announces a major new version of its Customer Experience Analytics software product, Aito CEA 5. 


Since first launched in 2008 Aito CEA has stood out in the market as a rapidly deployable, out-of-the-box customer experience analytics solution for users right across a CSP’s business, to extract valuable business information from the underlying data silos via a unified view of relevant business, network, product and customer data.


Aito CEA 5 introduces a compelling new set of features and enhancements that build on the original product vision and strategy: to enable CSPs to understand and manage the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition to eventual churn.


New features in Aito CEA 5 include:


Intelligent Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling and Analysis in Aito CEA 5 shows the big picture of the customer base and provides the means to slice and dice the customer base into smaller and more actionable segments, which can be further used for marketing, business management or loyalty management purposes.


·    Device Insight provides CSPs with an extensive list of devices along with their features and capabilities. The application includes over 22000 unique device models and over 300 different capability parameters per device.

·    Dynamic Segmentation gives the users a possibility to easily analyse a dynamically updated set of customers based on rules. For example, a rule for the segment: “Top data customers facing degraded experience” could be defined as “Belongs to a VIP segment, is a frequent mobile data user, ARPU > 80e and reliability of mobile data < 95%”.

·    Churn Profiling detects both churned customers and customers who are yet to be deemed as churned from the customer base and profiles  based on service usage, experience, behaviour and business.



Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis  provides an external angle on customer profiling by collecting data from most popular Social Media services and scoring the data based on sentiment. The sentiment trend is linked to customer profiles and provides cross-silo analysis between social media trends, customer acquisition, churn, experience and popularity among different segments and applications to reveal correlations.


Customer Lifetime Value 

Revenue and Profitability Analysis provides business critical information on network level and drill-down capabilities to service, customer segment, device, country or network, location and time level. It provides end-users with a view of various business aspects, such as revenue, lost revenue, costs, profitability and lifetime value.


Profitability and Life-time Value Analysis introduces a new concept of “Cost estimation in CEA”, which is a basis for calculating the profitability and lifetime value for individual customers, corporate accounts and segments.


Mobile Advertising

Customer Profiling and Analysis provides insight into over 400 customer attributes such as: segment info, demographics (e.g. age, gender, language), customer relationship information (e.g. length of relationship), subscription information (e.g. tariff plan), sales data (e.g. point of sales) or customer interests (e.g. likes music). Any combination of attributes can be used as targeting criteria for mobile advertising.


Mobile Advertising Analysis enables advertisers to visualize the customer profiles and various customer background data to target advertising campaigns, manage opt-in / opt-out, and to follow-up the effectiveness of campaigns.



Anssi Tauriainen, CEO and Founder of Aito Technologies, commented: “Today’s announcement of Aito CEA 5 is a defining moment, not only in the history of Aito, but in the overall landscape of customer experience improvement for CSPs.” 


Tauriainen continued: “We experienced rapid growth in 2011 with many CSPs becoming new Aito customers, and this trend is already continuing in 2012.  Our users have seen dramatic improvements in the way they can understand and improve the customer experiences throughout the lifecycle of their customers.  The success of these deployments is constantly expanding the functionality for Aito CEA and we have responded promptly with the great new features in Aito CEA 5.”


Tauriainen concluded: “We truly believe that Aito CEA 5 not only ‘packs a punch’ well above its weight in comparison to other analytics offerings in the sector, but also sets the pace for customer experience analytics solutions in the telecoms industry.”


Aito CEA 5 new features and functionality will be delivered in a series on point release throughout 2012 and subset of functionality will be available on Apple’s iPad devices.



About Aito Technologies (www.aitotechnologies.com)



Aito is the leading provider of Customer Experience Analytics software that changes the way communication service providers understand their customers. Our goal is to help CSPs maximise customer experience and lifetime value by enabling improved business, operations, product, sales, marketing, and customer care performance.  Our product, Aito CEA, unifies business, network, product and customer data for real-time analysis, discovery and reporting that is easy-to-use and deployed out-of-the-box in weeks, not months. Aito’s customers include Etisalat UAE, TeliaSonera Ucell, Nokia, Tele2, TDC, Elisa, XL.com, Zain, Blyk, Muxlim and others. 




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