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Albis Technologies Embeds TransPacket Fusion Ethernet Products in Portfolio

by david.nunes

Albis Technologies Embeds TransPacket Fusion Ethernet Products in Portfolio

ZURICH, Switzerland and OSLO, Norway — Oct. 2, 2013 — Albis Technologies announced today that it has launched the TransPacket-based ACCEED AG 1210 node as part of the company’s extensive range of Ethernet products. TransPacket’s Fusion networking products provide the timing of circuit switching fused with the efficiency of packet switching. The result is a deterministic Ethernet with excellent timing (low delay and ultra-low packet jitter) of circuits offering guaranteed performance combined with the high throughput efficiency of packet networks that exploit statistical multiplexing.

The AG 1210 extends Albis Technologies’ portfolio to include deterministic Ethernet for 10 Gbit/s transport of demanding traffic transport, including mobile backhaul traffic. Furthermore, the AG 1210 allows transport of a 10 Gbit/s Ethernet wavelength, or SDH STM-1 and STM-4 circuits, carrying demanding traffic. Without measureable impact on timing or packet loss, any vacant capacity can still be utilized. The AG 1210 is fully integrated into Albis Technologies’ MetroIntegrator™ network management system, including end-to-end provisioning capabilities.

“With the capability of delivering completely isolated Gigabit Ethernet services over a shared 10 Gbit/s transport path or wavelength, and utilizing any leftover bandwidth, the TransPacket H1 Fusion node provides a unique offering for demanding services like mobile backhaul and data centers,” said TransPacket CEO Steinar Bjørnstad. “We are proud to partner our technology with the exciting product selection from Albis.”

“Besides timing critical and sensitive applications, such as accurate IEEE 1588 synchronization, Fusion networking enables a spectacular increase of bandwidth utilization on under-utilized fibre and wavelength capacity,” said Albis Technologies’ Head of Access Solutions, Patrik Schönenberger. “This results in attractive opportunities for our customer base, enabling significant cost savings and investment deferral of costly fiber and DWDM extensions.”

About TransPacket (www.transpacket.com)
TransPacket has patented and developed a unique technology for optical Ethernet transport with fixed and extremely low latency. TransPacket defines new market rules for packet-based data traffic by both satisfying QoS from line- and TDM-based networks and offering high utilization and good performance expected in packet-based networks. The company’s products offer significant value for applications within mobile infrastructure, energy and utility markets, transport, data centers, and trading. The company’s headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway.

About Albis Technologies (www.albistechnologies.com)
As a leading provider of access solutions for Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet transport, Albis Technologies supports a wide range of applications including business access (TDM and Carrier Ethernet), mobile backhaul, wholesale, and utilities and infrastructure. Its ULAF+platform has been deployed by a large number of operators and utilities around the world, including many Tier 1 companies. Albis Technologies is headquartered in Switzerland and focuses on partnerships and customer satisfaction.

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