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ALBtelecom Chooses Thomson Video Networks for Expansion of IPTV/OTT Services

by david.nunes

ALBtelecom Chooses Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE XT1000 Transcoder for Expansion of IPTV/OTT Services

RENNES, France — Sept. 24, 2015 — Thomson Video Networks today announced that ALBtelecom, Albania’s largest telecommunications provider, has chosen the award-winning ViBE® XT1000 Xtream Transcoder for a project to consolidate its IPTV/OTT platform, ALBtv, and expand the service to 240 live channels. The ViBE XT1000 will provide the flexibility, high density, and outstanding video quality required for the new IPTV architecture, which has been designed to leverage high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) and Ultra HD television channels and delivery to mobile platforms.

“Thomson Video Networks has an international reputation for technical expertise in the IPTV and OTT arenas, and its transcoding technologies are driving many of today’s most advanced IPTV video services,” said Sokol Demiri, director of procurement and logistics division, ALBtelecom. “With its ability to deliver outstanding picture quality and extremely high performance density in a single chassis, the ViBE XT1000 was the ideal choice for the expansion of ALBtv. We were also impressed with Thomson Video Networks’ flexibility and responsiveness, which enabled us to deliver this solution in only a month.”

Since its rollout to all cities in Albania, ALBtv has experienced rapid growth in its subscriber base. The consolidation of ALBtv will enable ALBtelecom subscribers to access all of the company’s services through a single invoice and view more than 240 channels on two IPTV platforms, as well as video on demand (VOD). The ViBE XT1000 works in tandem with DVB-S2 demodulators and descramblers from ASTRO and stream monitoring equipment from BRIDGE Technologies to transcode and manage IPTV content for the expanded ALBtv service. The new architecture will enable ALBtelecom to support higher-capacity streaming systems with the ability to broadcast in UHD. In addition, the new service will provide the highest-possible picture quality, quality of service, and sound resolution for users that access ALBtv on mobile platforms.

“As a rapidly growing service provider in Albania, ALBtelecom needed a future-proof, state-of-the-art transcoding platform with which to grow its IPTV services, support mobile users, and plan for future delivery of UHD channels,” said Eric Louvet, vice president of sales and field services worldwide, Thomson Video Networks. “It’s the perfect application for our ViBE XT1000, designed to offer the market’s best channel density and features, such as support for HEVC, that today’s most progressive telcos, OTT, and cable providers need to drive their business into the future.” 

Further information about Thomson Video Networks products is available at www.thomson-networks.com

About ALBtelecom
ALBtelecom is the only company in Albania that offers the widest and most complete range of telecommunication services in Albania: fixed telephony, mobile telephony, broadband internet, Wi-Fi, Cloud Computing, IT services, and IPTV in a single shop. 

ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile now has the best fiber optic network in the country, which enables the national and international landline connection between Albania and the neighboring countries: Italy, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Greece.

ALBtelecom has invested in infrastructure transformation and network capacity improvement. All fixed telephony networks have migrated from TDM technology to the latest Next Generation Network (NGN) technology. The convergence of fixed and mobile systems makes ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile a unique provider not only in Albania, but also in the Balkan region. 

For more information please visit www.albtelecom.al.  

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