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Alcatel-Lucent and China’s SGIT to offer joint smart grid innovations for more efficient power distribution

by david.nunes



Alcatel-Lucent and China’s SGIT to offer joint smart grid innovations for more efficient power distribution



Companies optimize power delivery, cost and global environmental impact amid rising energy demand




Paris and Beijing, August 10, 2011 – Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext and NYSE: ALU) and China’s SGIT (State Grid Information & Telecommunication Company Ltd) are teaming up to help utilities more effectively manage peak electricity demand, identify opportunities for power savings and cut down on energy usage.  The two companies will do this by increasing the intelligence in utilities’ power distribution systems, or ‘smart grids’, which allow the continuous measurement, monitoring, control and adjustment of power distribution.




Alcatel-Lucent, a leading provider of telecommunications technology with a long history of delivering to the utility market, and SGIT, a subsidiary of SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China), one of the largest utility companies in the world, will address some of the biggest challenges related to smart grids – accessing data used to track energy usage from the plethora of devices including smart meters, analysing that data and delivering that information to the utility. This information can then be used by utility companies to monitor and control peak and off-peak demand and more effectively manage delivery during those times, which can help cut costs and reduce outages and waste.




These solutions will also provide the customers of utility companies with access to reliable power distribution as well as information on their own power usage, allowing them to make educated decisions about their power consumption, for example changing their normal usage patterns to take advantage of lower pricing structures at off-peak times.




Kamal Ballout, Vice President, Global Energy Systems Integration Division, Alcatel-Lucent, said: “With power consumption rising across the globe, reducing carbon footprint and costs are a priority for everyone.  In combining SGIT’s expertise in the realm of smart grid information systems development and power line technology and Alcatel-Lucent’s experience building large-scale, intelligent communications networks, we are in a stronger position to understand and address the fast growing energy demands in the Chinese markets, while helping all of our customers around the globe operate more sustainably. Together we are able to bring tools to both businesses and individuals that will help them manage and control their energy usage and costs.”



Wang Jiye, General Manager of Gridcom and Vice President of SGIT said “We are very pleased to continue our relationship with Alcatel-Lucent in the delivery of innovative solutions for the smart grid market.  This landmark agreement will have far-reaching effects in transforming, for the better, the management of power consumption, one of the biggest challenges faced by society.”




Alcatel-Lucent smart grid


Alcatel-Lucent is bringing communications technology to the smart grid allowing customers to make energy choices—in real time, online, from anywhere—empowering them to save energy and money every day. All while helping support their mission-critical operations with uncompromised reliability and security.  Alcatel-Lucent is running more than 80 mission critical networks and smart grid transformations worldwide.  And with our new Bell Labs innovation – advanced analytical techniques and tools, utilities can mine the wealth of information from smart meters, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and other data to provide the utility with the ability to measure, monitor and control their electricity distribution network in real time with unprecedented levels of detail.




Smart grid technologies from Alcatel-Lucent help reduce the total amount of electricity needed to meet overall demand and improves the reliability and quality of power available to society. The result is cleaner air, better power and more possibilities for economic growth to society in general.  The cleanest megawatt of electricity is the one not produced at all and Alcatel-Lucent’s work in smart grid is a natural progression from our own commitment to reduce the carbon footprint from our operations by 50% by 2020.  Find out more about Alcatel-Lucent’s commitment to socially responsible behaviour here: http://www.alcatel-lucent.com/corporate-responsibility




About SGIT


State Grid Information & Telecommunication Company Ltd. (SGIT) established on April 22, 2008, is a solely owned subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) with a registered capital of 320 million yuan (RMB). SGIT undertakes the construction, operation and business management of SGCC’s information and telecommunication network and the research and development of smart grid information systems, telecommunication technology and smart power distribution and consumption technology and Power line carrier technology (PLC).



About Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU)



The long-trusted partner of service providers, enterprises, strategic industries and governments around the world, Alcatel-Lucent is a leader in mobile, fixed, IP and Optics technologies, and a pioneer in applications and services. Alcatel-Lucent includes Bell Labs, one of the world’s foremost centres of research and innovation in communications technology.


With operations in more than 130 countries and one of the most experienced global services organizations in the industry, Alcatel-Lucent is a local partner with global reach.


The Company achieved revenues of Euro 16 billion in 2010 and is incorporated in France and headquartered in Paris.


For more information, visit Alcatel-Lucent on: http://www.alcatel-lucent.com, read the latest posts on the Alcatel-Lucent blog http://www.alcatel-lucent.com/blog and follow the Company on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Alcatel_Lucent.




Contact the Alcatel-Lucent Press Office:    press@alcatel-lucent.com







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