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Alcatel-Lucent and Crystal System Consulting demonstrate 4G LTE mobile solution for defense and security teams at the “Course du Rhum” ocean race

by david.nunes

Alcatel-Lucent and Crystal System Consulting demonstrate 4G LTE mobile solution for defense and security teams at the “Course du Rhum” ocean race

First live-environment demonstration on a private network of the capabilities of 4G LTE mobile technology for defense/security and land/sea rescue teams. Real-time, geolocalized, high-definition multimedia communication from the field to a command post.

Paris, October 27, 2014

Alcatel-Lucent and Crystal System Consulting, with the support of the ‘Images & Réseaux’ competitiveness hub of north-western France and in collaboration with Satimo and Sequans, announce a 4G LTE telecommunications technology demonstration for defense/security teams. This world first will take place on November 2, 2014 on the opening day of the “Course du Rhum” ocean race, when over 400,000 spectators are expected to watch the racers set sail.

This unique experiment is specifically dedicated to the defense/security teams and is based on a 4G LTE mobile network solution and Alcatel-Lucent’s latest generation radio transmission technology. It  involves the set-up of private communication links on land and sea to leverage leading-edge mission-critical professional applications.

Video recording by on-board HD cameras on vessels of the French Navy, the national lifeboat service (SNSM) and the Gendarmerie Maritime will enable real-time high-definition video streaming to command posts or to 4G-capable smartphones and tablets, control screens, computers and HDTV sets in the race’s host town of Saint-Malo.

Geolocation of defense/security units in the field and position mapping provides real-time data exchange of operational video between all active units, using the private 4G network. Civilian emergency services, the local authority crisis unit and state maritime action services (Navy, Préfecture Maritime, lifeboat service, Gendarmerie Maritime, rescue stations) will have rapid and convenient access to more resources and applications to facilitate real-time visualization of situations on land and at sea, giving them the best overview of a situation and enabling them to anticipate the need for intervention and deployment of additional resources.

Images & Réseaux acted as catalyst to enable the regional actors to come together to find new solutions in one of the hub’s priority fields, security and networks.

“For this demonstration of 4G LTE technology for the maritime security teams during the big sporting event of the Course du Rhum, Alcatel-Lucent wanted to work with Cystal System Consulting to enable the security and rescue teams to benefit from its technology solutions. By offering LTE solutions dedicated to the defense and security teams, the company is continuing its mission of innovation with users and French integrators like Cystal Consulting System. We therefore confirm our development strategy in our new market segments,” stated Philippe Keryer, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of Alcatel-Lucent.

“This demonstration is the outcome of CRYSTAL S.C.’s research and investigations on the mobile aspect of  the ARCADES project, which aims to meet the pressing need for France to have its own independent, modern, resilient and highly-available telecommunications network. We are proud to have worked closely with Alcatel-Lucent and Images & Réseaux to implement this all-French demonstration. At a time of unprecedented cost savings, demonstrating that we can continue to aim high by pooling resources is a realistic move. This should be seen as a sign of what could be put in place, very quickly and cost effectively across the whole country, while still meeting the very sensitive needs of different users,” declared Mr. Philippe Vertuaux, Head of Crystal System Consulting.

“In order to meet the Navy’s needs, particularly in the area of maritime protection and safety, the Navy is constantly studying the opportunities offered by new developments in information and communication technology. This is why the Navy became involved in this promising experiment, since 4G-LTE coverage partly covers coastal operations,” said Captain Henri de Foucauld, Head of the information and communication systems office of the Navy’s general staff.


CRYSTAL SYSTEM CONSULTING principally provides consultancy services in the area of large systems architecture and strategic and technology watch around information and communication systems. It is also focused on proposing and driving ideas, and on participating in and leading studies and experiments in this field. The company’s activities cover industrial-scale architecture and coordination as well as upstream design activities (masterplanning), engineering and expert evaluation in the various phases of a program and the associated communications plans. In-depth knowledge of the major actors in the field enables us to provide well-rounded, relevant and applicable advice and solutions. The company currently provides consultancy as part of planning for reorganization and implementation of new systems for public bodies, major industrial groups and leading-edge technology companies.

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