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Alcatel-Lucent launches solution to accelerate the transformation of service providers’ legacy telephone networks to IP ultra-broadband

by david.nunes

Alcatel-Lucent launches solution to accelerate the transformation of service providers’ legacy telephone networks to IP ultra-broadband

PSTN Smart Transform solution migrates legacy voice communications from PSTN to all-IP technology, while reducing costs, protecting and growing revenues and leveraging ultra-broadband investments

Paris, May 28, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) has today launched PSTN Smart Transform, a solution that will enable communications providers to transition their existing voice services from ‘legacy’ PSTN (public switched telephone network) technology to more cost-effective all-IP ultra-broadband infrastructure.

Communications providers are facing significant challenges in serving more than 700 million people and businesses around the world which still rely on ‘plain old telephone service.’ Many operators rely on  these PSTN networks for large revenue streams. However, these legacy networks are becoming cost-prohibitive to operate and maintain because of aging, energy-inefficient equipment requiring extensive real estate footprints, as well as through the loss of skilled PSTN technicians.

Furthermore, PSTN networks represent additional cost for communications providers operating IP-based networks in parallel for voice services. While many service providers are exploring ways to decommission PSTN and migrate to all-IP networks, the process is highly complex and can cause further revenue erosion if customers experience service issues.

Alcatel-Lucent’s PSTN Smart Transform provides consulting and design services that will enable the development of comprehensive PSTN transformation plans for operators to protect the business value of high-margin voice services while optimizing costs, removing network complexity and risk, and growing revenue. The solution offers industrialized planning and migration services adaptable to any customer situation, using proven methodologies, processes and patented tools to transfer users from PSTN services to new, IP-based voice services.

Key Facts:

  • PSTN Smart Transform offers the following professional services:
    • Consulting – Meeting with communications service providers to assess their current network, review possible migration strategies and scenarios, and provide comprehensive business modelling.
    • Solution Design – Working with operators to design optimal target network and integration activities as well as validating the solution based on migration objectives.
    • Migration Planning – Developing the service providers’ migration plan including program management and user data validation and clean up.
    • Migration – the complete transfer of end users from PSTN to IP by mass migrating user data, cutting over voice services progressively and re-routing user services.
    • Post-Migration Mangement — Finalizing the migration process for operators by providing voice service assurance and decommissioning the legacy PSTN network.
  • By using PSTN Smart Transform for their PSTN migration, communications service providers can expect:
    • Lower operating expenses by reducing power consumpution, real estate costs and maintenance costs.
    • Increased revenue opportunities by giving operators new services and bundles such as ‘triple-play’ and IP communications to sell.
    • Smarter, more streamlined transformation process that minimizes risks in migrating end-users to an all-IP service platform.
    • Reduces network complexity by eliminating parallel PSTN and IP networks; leverages ultra-broadband deployments to take advantage of common IP-based equipment, management and resources for voice and data.
  • Based on proven methodology, processes and patented tools, PSTN Smart Transform delivers:
    • 30–50% lower migration costs as opposed to traditional migration approaches
    • Average end-user outage time during migration of 20 seconds compared to an average of 20 minutes by competing services
    • Migration of 99% of end-users without experiencing issues
    • Twice as fast time-to-market
  • PSTN Smart Transform is built on Alcatel-Lucent’s extensive experience with legacy voice services, and more critically, it’s capabilities in new ultra-broadband acces technologies, IP, and complex multi-vendor transformation projects.
  • PSTN Smart Transform also offers the best evolution path with a Bell Labs modelling tool that designs the optimal migration approach so that communications service providers can accelerate their voice transformation and transition users smoothly without disruptions.
  • Alcatel-Lucent is a trusted partner of service providers worldwide, like Deutsche Telekom, for PSTN transformation and consolidation projects.


Kamalini Ganguly, Principal Senior Analyst, Service Provider & Markets, Ovum: “Many telecom operators are struggling with PSTN transformation. While the benefits of an IP network are strong; operators are concerned that the transformation process will disrupt high-margin revenue services. Solutions, such as Alcatel-Lucent’s PSTN Smart Transform, provide operators with field-proven products, processes and tools that  enable migration of services, and associated revenue streams, to an all-IP platform while mitigating service disruptions and customer churn.”

Federico Guillén, President, Fixed Networks, Alcatel-Lucent: “PSTN Smart Transform offers communications service providers with a comprehensive, low-risk way to accelerate the migration of their legacy voice users to an all-IP infrastructure. By using PSTN Smart Transform, service providers can reap the benefits of a PSTN transformation more quickly to gain greater operational efficiencies and create more opportunities for revenue generation. In fact, when a PSTN migration is carefully planned in tandem with an ultra-broadband deployment, the positive impact from operational savings can be reallocated to other parts of the business or used to further fuel the network transformation.”

– See more at: https://www.alcatel-lucent.com/press/2015/alcatel-lucent-launches-solution-accelerate-transformation-service-providers-legacy-telephone#sthash.EFE2AroM.dpuf

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