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Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive delivers virtualized security solution to help service providers ensure customer experience

by david.nunes

Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive to deliver virtualized security solution to help service providers ensure a safe ultra-broadband customer experience

Motive Security Guardian detects malware that degrades network, device and M2M performance, enabling operators to protect services through enhanced device security

Paris, France, December 1, 2014 – Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) Motive is to introduce the Motive Security Guardian, a virtualized security solution to optimize both the delivery of services as well as the customer experience by protecting service provider’s networks, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, and mobile and home devices from malware that can degrade performance, mine information and even steal data minutes.

With the number of malware attacks rising sharply in 2013, and an estimated 15 million mobile devices worldwide infected at any one time¹, the impact on the device owner’s service experience becomes a key concern for operators. The Motive Security Guardian helps them address this by alerting their IT departments, care agents and consumers to malware threats so they can be swiftly and proactively removed.

When malware is found on a device, its owner is immediately alerted with step-by-step instructions on how to remove the threat. This intervention can significantly reduce calls to care agents triggered by malware, such as complaints of mobile device batteries draining too quickly; bill shock due to pirated data usage; and unwanted pop-up ads on a laptop.

“Automated subscriber alerts notifying them of security issues are an important part of an operator’s portfolio to combat the growing threat from cyber attackers”, said Patrick Donegan, Senior Analyst for Heavy Reading. “The cloud offers additional cost and service agility advantages as a platform for delivering these kinds of services.”

The solution is powered by Motive Security Labs (formerly Kindsight Security Labs), which collects more than 120,000 new malware samples per day and maintains a library of over 30 million active samples. Residing on an operator’s cloud network, it can identify and pinpoint malware on mobile or home devices without having to be installed on them. The solution can be onboarded and managed using Alcatel-Lucent’s CloudBand™ 2.0 NFV platform and can be rapidly scaled up or down to meet market demand.

The solution is the latest addition to Alcatel-Lucent’s NFV (network functions virtualization) portfolio, which combines the company’s ultra-broadband, IP networking and cloud capabilities to help service providers get to the cloud without compromising operational performance, security or customer experience.

“Motive research shows that 65 percent of subscribers expect their service provider to protect their devices,” said Patrick Tan, General Manager of Network Intelligence, Alcatel-Lucent. “As customer experience becomes the new frontier for competitive differentiation, operators can leverage this trusted security service role to provide always-on and up-to date protection of their subscribers’ devices that ensures an excellent service experience.”

The Motive Security Guardian is pre-integrated with the Motive Customer Experience Management portfolio to:

  • Provide security operations teams with insights into what subscribers and devices are most affected by malware, as well as the most common types of malware, to better contain and block threats
  • Enable network planning and engineering teams to better understand the impacts of malware on network resources and performance and arrive at strategies for the improved efficiency and optimization of service delivery.
  • Empower customer service agents to identify and resolve malware related issues quicker, resulting in shorter call times
  • Allow product development teams to rapidly launch revenue generating device security services that are better at protecting subscribers than standard anti-virus products and build trust in the network.
  • Help operators improve customer satisfaction by moving from reactive to proactive care by directly sending malware alerts to subscribers with instructions on how to remove the threat from their device, reducing the number of calls to the care center.

¹ Kindsight Security Labs Malware Report – H1 2014


Motive® Customer Experience Management (CEM) by Alcatel-Lucent is a first-of-its-kind portfolio specialized to automate care, service, network and IT operations with unparalleled data analysis. Today, there are over 600 Motive deployments worldwide to fulfill, optimize and protect customer experiences. At Alcatel-Lucent, we believe every success has its network. Because we know the whole network, only Motive can provide the CEM software solutions purpose-built for cloud, mobile and fixed environments. We are making it easy for people and businesses to get the most out of technology. For more information, please visit http://www.alcatel-lucent.com/motive, and follow us on Twitter @Motive_ALU (http://twitter.com/motive_alu).


Alcatel-Lucent is the leading IP networking, ultra-broadband access and cloud technology specialist. We are dedicated to making global communications more innovative, sustainable and accessible for people, businesses and governments worldwide. Our mission is to invent and deliver trusted networks to help our customers unleash their value. Every success has its network.

For more information, visit Alcatel-Lucent on: http://www.alcatel-lucent.com, read the latest posts on the Alcatel-Lucent blog http://www.alcatel-lucent.com/blog and follow the Company on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Alcatel_Lucent.

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