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Allmyapps lets small businesses and remote workers keep everything in sync

by david.nunes

Allmyapps lets small businesses and remote workers keep everything in sync



Press Release: 25th January 2012 – For small businesses with a moderate number of staff, IT can often be a real pain. There is no value in having a full time IT Manager as their time would be wasted, however you still need to have everyone on your team setup and working with a virus free, easy to manage computer.


This is where Allmyapps (http://www.Allmyapps.com) comes in. Allmyapps automatically detects and saves all the apps you use, be they desktop or web, to provide you with a central hub to manage software across all your devices.


Previous solutions included creating a document with a list of all software on it and giving it to every new employee, or manually installing the apps for yourself; both time consuming and inefficient tasks.


For small business, this means that a business owner or manager can create a master list of apps, including productivity tools, word processing, email and more and the distribute with one click on all the company computers. Not only does this mean that new staff members have a ready-made workstation, but also that remote workers can easily gain access to the apps they will need to get up and running.


Using a single login, small businesses are able to provide a synchronous app installation and backup solution, previously only available to high-end IT infrastructures, and because all the apps come from Allmyapps secure servers, your download will be virus free too!


Need different apps for different people? Allmyapps lets you create lists too. You can have productivity apps for your sales team and create a whole new list for your designers.


In the same way that Dropbox allows users to share, synchronize and save files on multiple devices, Allmyapps’ App Manager will allow users to do the same with applications.


 “Though Allmyapps is predominantly aimed at personal PC users, we have seen a number of small businesses and other groups using the app to distribute software easily across up to ten PCs. I think it’s great that people are using Allmyapps in such an innovative way and I look forward to growing this sector in the coming years”, says Allmyapps CEO, Thibauld Favre


If you would like more information on anything to do with Allmyapps, or would like to arrange to speak with a member of their team, please contact Will Moore on the details below.




About Allmyapps


Founded in June 2009 by Thibauld Favre and Arnaud Coulondre, Allmyapps aims to simplify software use for internet users by allowing them to easily install, manage and synchronize all their apps on all their devices: PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc. With over 2.5 million users worldwide, all my apps is the first Universal App Manager. The company has received investment from Elaia Partners and was recognized by Microsoft as an upcoming company to watch by the prestigious Microsoft IDEEs program.


With more than 2.5 million users worldwide, Allmyapps is already well established as the easiest solution to install, update and reinstall over 15,000 Windows PC applications.  With an update coming later this year, they will also allow for the same syncronicity between Android apps as well.


Allmyapps’ Personal App Manager enables users to:


 – Find and install all the apps (desktop, web and soon mobile) they need across all devices


– Automatically synchronize apps across all devices


– Share apps with friends, family and colleagues


– Easy setup and recovery of apps on all devices




For more information, please contact:


Will Moore


e: will.moore@ubiquitycomms.com


t: +44(0) 20 7099 6975


m: +44(0) 78 7269 1202











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