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Allot Introduces TDF for LTE Networks

by david.nunes

Allot Communications’ 3GPP-Compliant TDF Offers CSPs Innovative Ways to Analyze and Capitalize on LTE Traffic

Allot teamed with Tier-1 Mobile operators and led the standardization of TDF for LTE Networks

June 24, 2013 – Hod Hasharon, Israel – Allot Communications Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALLT), a leading supplier of service optimization and revenue generation solutions for fixed and mobile broadband service providers, today announced availability of its pure-play, 3GPP-compliant Traffic Detection Function (TDF) for LTE networks. Allot is a leader in LTE TDF solutions, and several top tier LTE operators are already utilizing the TDF-enabled Allot Service Gateway to analyze subscriber behavior and monetize their broadband networks.

TDF – part of the 3GPP Release 11 LTE standard – provides CSPs with an unprecedented level of network visibility to better analyze and respond to broadband traffic. With increasing availability of LTE, aggressive competition has emerged from Over the Top (OTT) content providers such as Facebook and Skype. As these services thrive, operator revenues are drained, and carriers find themselves once again faced with the threat of becoming merely a “bit pipe.” The key for operators to monetize OTT traffic lies in the ability to better analyze and respond to that traffic in real time.

The TDF-enabled Allot Service Gateway is a pure-play solution that enables CSPs to analyze and monetize OTT traffic by leveraging application awareness and transaction information in order to deploy innovative pricing plans, drive new service revenues and increase customer loyalty.  Allot led the standardization efforts of TDF for LTE and continues to lead standardization activity for connecting TDF to other 3GPP components for policy control and charging purposes.

To underscore the importance of TDF, this week market research firm Current Analysis issued a new paper highlighting the benefits and availability of TDF solutions for LTE.

“The era of LTE has brought with it a new paradigm of competition. OTT players have taken advantage of these higher speed networks to create services that are in high demand – services that bypass carriers altogether. As a result, CSPs must develop new ways of thinking when it comes to offering mobile services,” said Lynnette Luna, Senior Analyst, Services Ecosystem, Current Analysis. “TDF is an important tool. Greater network visibility means CSPs have the power to implement new pricing paradigms based on real-time user data around device types, location, application, usage and more. CSPs can take full advantage of LTE’s capabilities around QoS and data speeds while leveraging their position in the market to add significant value to OTT offerings.”

“TDF brings with it the opportunity for carriers to implement business intelligence analytics and application-specific charging policies. This type of dedicated functionality is critical for carriers looking to add value to OTT providers like Facebook and Skype,” said Andrei Elefant, VP Marketing & Product Management of Allot Communications. “Allot is a market leader in TDF, and we are leading the change in standardizing this important technology to simplify operator networks and bring our customers the most powerful analytics tools available.”

Allot Communications has issued a new white paper analyzing pure-play versus embedded TDF architectures.  The white paper compares the performance, scalability and operability in converged network environments of these two TDF architectures. To access both the Allot Communications white paper, as well as the Current Analysis paper, please click Here.

About Allot Communications

Allot Communications Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: ALLT) is a leading global provider of intelligent broadband solutions that put mobile, fixed and enterprise networks at the center of the digital lifestyle.  Allot’s DPI-based solutions identify and leverage the business intelligence in data networks, empowering operators to shape digital lifestyle experiences and to capitalize on the network traffic they generate.  Allot’s unique blend of innovative technology, proven know-how and collaborative approach to industry standards and partnerships enables service providers worldwide to elevate their role in the digital lifestyle ecosystem and to open the door to a wealth of new business opportunities. For more information please visit: www.allot.com

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