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Alsumaria Improves Satellite Services to Iraq with Newtec Technology

by david.nunes

BAGHDAD, Iraq and SINT-NIKLAAS, Belgium Aug. 30, 2010 — Iraqi satellite broadcaster Alsumaria has reached the third stage of its investment in Newtec’s modulation equipment with DualFlow™ and FlexACM® technologies, as part of its migration towards tapeless news production. Since its inception in 2004, Alsumaria has established itself as one of the most dynamic and popular broadcasters in Iraq. The latest stage of its infrastructure project involves the installation of DualFlow and FlexACM in its fleet of DSNG units for increased productivity, faster delivery of news content and reduced costs.

Alsumaria’s fleet can now deliver live transmission of MPEG-4 over IP, with the dual capability of switching to ASI when required thanks to DualFlow. Staff can also achieve file transfers and downloads between the DSNG units and the production centre, increasing speed of response to unfolding events. DualFlow technology further increases the productivity of DSNG crews by enabling VoIP connection with the studio, together with e-mail and broadband Internet.

Alsumaria’s implementation of Newtec’s FlexACM in its DSNG fleet gives the broadcaster an extended reach in the satellite footprint, with five occasional use slots achieved in only 4MHz. The modems with FlexACM functionality allow high speed file transfers between the DSNG and the studio/playout/editing site. The Newtec EL810 Mobile PEP-Box® Terminal was added to achieve file transfers adding compression and real broadband experience.

“We now have a state-of-the-art operation that gives us an unparalleled ability to respond to events, cover breaking news more effectively and deliver higher quality content to a wider range of viewers than ever before,” says Jad Atallah, Chief Technical Officer, Alsumaria TV. “The combination of Newtec’s DualFlow and FlexACM means we can now get exceptional functionality and value from our DSNG fleet and our satellite bandwidth.”

DualFlow modems give Alsumaria TV the ability to deliver MPEG-4 live streaming, as well as the ability to store and forward video files. The Newtec solution provides comprehensive control of the quality of service and higher dedicated throughput than traditional VSAT (shared MF-TDMA) systems, together with lower delay, higher availability and better throughput.

DualFlow allows broadcasters to transport IP over satellite in the most efficient way, either separately or in combination with traditional ASI live streams on the same carrier. DualFlow supports both IP and ASI interfaces, allowing broadcasters to make the transition to IP connectivity at any time. When used on a modem, DualFlow fully enables two-way IP interactivity over satellite, making it possible to introduce new services into the broadcast workflows, such as real-time interviews, VoIP coordination channels, file upload and download, and remote access to tapeless production infrastructures. By turning DSNG vans into remote offices, DualFlow increases the productivity of the remote teams.

“As a dynamic, rapidly evolving operator, Alsumaria has been able to benefit greatly from the three-stage implementation of DualFlow that is part of the Newtec strategy for our satellite broadcasting customers,” says Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec. “Our aim has always been to provide satellite broadcasters and DSNG operators with a practical real-world approach to the introduction of IP, allowing them to maintain support for ASI so they can continue to work with legacy equipment when required.”

More information on Newtec products is available at www.newtec.eu or by phone at +32.3.780.6500.

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