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Amdocs 5G Solutions Expand to Accelerate 5G Standalone Networks Experiences and Monetisation Opportunities

by Anthony Weaver

5G standalone networks open up a world of new potential and revenue streams, with network orchestration and automation being critical pieces of the puzzle

JERSEY CITY, NJ – February 9, 2022 Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX), a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, announced the expansion of its 5G Value Plane offerings to seamlessly serve emerging 5G standalone networks. By embedding cross-network automation across all aspects of the business, communications service providers (CSPs) can unlock the full potential of 5G.

While the promise of new 5G use cases and business models are high, the reality is rushing in as CSPs look for real 5G monetisation opportunities to justify their investments. The broader potential of 5G lies in the ability to dynamically leverage the 5G network in different ways, including new automated and dynamic operations paradigms tailored to specific needs of applications, partners, and enterprises – evolving from the “one size fits all” network.

Karl Whitelock, IDC Research Vice President Communications Service Provider Operations and Monetisation said: “There is a lot to consider regarding the future of 5G networks. When identifying new use cases, an important point is addressing these opportunities now – not later – to ensure readiness across the entire business. To deal with complexities, areas such as orchestration, automation, AI and machine learning across the network become critical as new business and monetisation opportunities come to light.”

Amdocs’ 5G Value Plane solution expansion integrates with end-to-end service orchestration to power real-time business-driven network slice management and orchestration, as well as dynamic, optimal placement of network functions and AI-driven autonomous operations across the entire lifecycle. It also drives new use cases around Network Data Analytics (NWDAF), utilising network data to support enhanced automation, closed-loop operations, self-healing and ensuring the performance of new monetisable 5G services. The Network Exposure Function (NEF) also provides a platform for network access and capabilities “as-a-service,” exposing 5G functionality to a rich partner ecosystem.

Amdocs’ 5G solutions have consistently expanded to serve the 5G Value Plane, ensuring communications service providers can innovate, launch, execute and monetise amazing new experiences for their customers. With an end-to-end, automated approach encompassing end-to-end lifecycle management, service and network orchestration, data analytics, API exposure, policy and charging, the 5G Value Plane acts as a powerful and distributed “brain.” It empowers the seamless integration of business, IT, enterprises, and partners across the 5G network. 

Laser-focused on what’s possible with 5G, Amdocs is working with the 5G Open Innovation Lab and collaborators like Microsoft to significantly invest in developing state-of-the-art use cases around such areas like driverless cars, rural connectivity, food resiliency, and enterprise. The Lab’s joint effort ensures startups across a broad spectrum of industries have the expertise they need to build what’s next in edge computing, setting the orchestration groundwork for future initiatives that will become the backbone of our digital society.

Anthony Goonetilleke, Amdocs Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy, said: “As 5G standalone networks continue to launch across the globe, there are immense challenges to unlocking their full potential. Success requires a close linkage between the business and the network, as well as robust automation capabilities, to ensure communications service providers can deliver exceptional experiences for their customers and partners, as well as flexibly monetise these innovative new services.  The 5G value plane is key to unlocking this opportunity for service providers.”

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