Catalyst project demonstrations to take place at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World 2019; Amdocs nominated as finalists for two TM Forum Excellence Awards

May 8, 2019 – At TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World 2019, Amdocs will showcase how it is driving industry innovation in the latest technical advancements including 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Open Networking, to enable the effective and efficient managed digital and network transformation of communications and media companies. The event is taking place in Nice, France from May 14th, in which Amdocs will be presenting and demonstrating on the solutions that will accelerate the industry’s most important growth drivers.

Catalyst: 5G Optimized Capacity & E2E Experience

CSPs plan to offer specialized, Quality of Experience (QoE) differentiated services using 5G Network Slicing technology. Effective roaming support is one of the key features of mobile communication that will be impacted. The 5G Optimized Capacity & E2E Experience catalyst project will focus on the Planning and Optimization of 5G network resources in support of network slice instances. The catalyst will also focus on the management of slices in a roaming scenario across CSP boundaries. Blockchain technology will be explored for use in facilitating inter-CSP Network Slice Fulfilment and Assurance, and SLA enforcement and verification.

Catalyst: Open AI Business Assurance Marketplace – Phase II

Traditional revenue-assurance and fraud-management practices that rely on expertise are not able to support the dynamism and complexity of the modern digital ecosystem, where leakage and fraud could total over 2% of revenue. The Open AI Business Assurance Marketplace – Phase II catalyst demonstrates how digital service providers can apply AI, Machine Learning and API-based revenue assurance and fraud-management implementations to effectively protect the digital business, as well as ensuring trustful, simple and flawless customer and partner experiences.

Amdocs Nominated Finalists for Two TM Forum Excellence Awards

  • Finalist for Operational Transformation and Agility Award – for bringing automation and transparency into the B2B sales-to-order process for a tier-1 operator wanting to accelerate enterprise and midmarket growth, despite being held back by its slow, complex, legacy sales-order process. Results included cutting the ordering time in half, significantly reducing order cancellations, creating contracts in mere minutes, reducing the sales-to-finance cycle time, and simplifying and accelerating the creation of mega-proposals.
  • Finalist for Outstanding Achievement Award – Amdocs’ CTO Anthony Goonetilleke has been shortlisted for the CTO of the Year Award; an award given to a CTO who has led a significant network transformation which is delivering tangible results. Alongside a multitude of success stories, Anthony was instrumental in the evaluation and acquisition of Amdocs’ key assets including Vubiquity, UXP Systems and projekt202, and defining Amdocs’ vision of an expanded set of company capabilities.

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