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Amino defies traditional content security model with new MeeGo platform

by david.nunes

Amino defies traditional content security model with new MeeGo platform

Delivering pay-TV class content security on a smart TV platform capable of supporting open applications is now a reality on the MeeGo operating system, according to a new white paper published today by Amino Communications.

Amino has used the MeeGo OS to support the world’s first hybrid/OTT service deployment by a tier one operator, and believes its real world OTT experience and innovation has given unique insights into the development of new security frameworks to protect content from piracy and malicious attack.

Until now, many industry experts have believed that this type of configuration can only be supported by using advanced and complex security measures. However, in the white paper entitled “MeeGo Security Concepts”, Amino has identified ways in which the security measures designed for mobile phone security within the MeeGo operating system can be adapted for the smart TV environment quickly and effectively without the additional costs associated with traditional content security measures.

The white paper presents a methodology which isolates the application inside MeeGo without requiring full virtualisation or sandboxing – the standard “heavyweight” means of securing content.

Amino’s Head of Strategy and Business Development, OTT, Kevin Lingley said: “People want to create app stores – as a way of improving the “stickiness” of TV-based services. We have designed a security framework within MeeGo that makes this a reality with the opportunity to bundle more services and create new kinds of entertainment experiences.

“Traditionally, people have delivered apps embedded into the core operating system with the security framework requiring re-certification of the platform with the addition of each new app. With MeeGo and its security framework, we have demonstrated that there is no need to recertify the platform.”

“With this ground breaking innovation, app stores can be created in the pay-TV environment safely, quickly and cost-effectively.”

By providing an integrated and unified security framework, MeeGo can also enable integrity and confidentiality – to implement CA systems in isolation from the application – limiting the risk of fragmentation in various implementations.


Notes for editors:

The white paper “Meego Security Concepts” is available for download from www.aminocom.com

For more information on MeeGo please visit http://meego.com/

About Amino:

Amino Communications is a world leading IPTV and hybrid/OTT innovator – bringing new entertainment products and solutions to a global market. With over three million devices sold to 850 customers in 85 countries, Amino’s award-winning solutions are deployed by major network operators and service providers worldwide. Amino’s speed-to-market, agility and leading-edge technology has secured important partnerships with global vendors, including Intel and Ericsson, to deliver the rich entertainment experience consumers are demanding. Amino Communications is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amino Technologies plc and listed on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market (AIM: symbol AMO). It is headquartered near Cambridge, in the UK, with offices in the US, China and Sweden.


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