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Ampegon and PPT form strong alliance

by david.nunes

Puls-Plasmatechnik (PPT) GmbH taken over by Parter Capital Group

Ampegon and PPT now forming a strong group in global scientific markets

Turgi, Switzerland and Dortmund, Germany; October 21, 2013. Parter Capital Group today announced that it has acquired Puls-Plasmatechnik (PPT) GmbH, a manufacturer of high voltage pulsed power systems. PPT is based in Dortmund, Germany and has been owned by two of its founder members, Dr. Wolfgang Kaesler and Dr. Günter Böhm.

Puls-Plasmatechnik designs, manufactures and commissions pulsed klystron modulators, pulsed magnet driver systems and charging / trigger units for scientific, medical and industrial applications.

Parter Capital Group (PCG) is a private equity consultancy firm focused as an investor on traditional technology driven industries. PCG already holds with Ampegon a group of companies specialized in Scientific Applications and Radio Broadcasting markets.

Ampegon designs and delivers high power RF amplifiers, regulated high voltage modulators and power supplies (HVPS) as well as fully integrated solutions for world-class medical, industrial and research facilities.

Within the following weeks experts will discuss the merging of PPT products with Ampegon`s portfolio to create a powerful and competitive product range for prototypes as well as for small series production.

Dr. Wolfgang Kaesler, Managing Director Puls-Plasmatechnik stated: “PPT is a very solid market player with high technology reputation and has been independent for more than 25 years. We recently started cooperating with Ampegon for short pulse modulators and are now pleased to join forces under same ownership in order to develop new visions and to fulfil future market demands.”

Josef Troxler, CEO Ampegon stated: “We welcome PPT as a strong partner to expand the expertise in pulsed high voltage applications. With the addition of PPT’s knowhow Ampegon is complementing its product range and global market strength.”

About Ampegon

Ampegon is a new brand established in autumn 2012 to merge the former Thomson Broadcast activities of Turgi (Switzerland), Schifferstadt (Germany) and Beijing (China) in one powerful and market leading group of companies. The group is serving the global Radio Transmission markets including Antenna Systems as well as Scientific Applications and Green Technologies with an extensive product range tailored to all needs of the customers in these strategic fields. The products and services stand for highest quality, reliability and best performance.

As the leading designer, manufacturer and system integrator of AM/DRM Radio Transmission Systems worldwide Ampegon offers the complete system including transmitters, antennas and a wide range of auxiliary equipment. In addition the group is developing world-class technology and fully integrated solutions to serve scientific institutions with best overall performance: High power RF amplifiers, regulated high voltage modulators and power supplies (HVPS). A clear focus lies on Green Technologies for the benefit of our environment and to improve climate protection, offering photovoltaic power plants based on the company’s extensive turnkey experience and system approach.

About Puls-Plasmatechnik (PPT)

Puls-Plasmatechnik (PPT) was founded in 1986 by Dr. Hans Beerwald, Dr. Günter Böhm, Dr. Günter Glomski and Dr. Wolfgang Kaesler in Bochum (Germany). In 1989 PPT moved to its current location in Dortmund (Germany). Since its foundation 1986 Dr. Günter Böhm and Dr. Wolfgang Kaesler are the Managing Directors of Puls-Plasmatechnik GmbH.

Puls-Plasmatechnik GmbH develops and manufactures pulsed power systems for scientific, medical and industrial applications. These activities include pulse modulators for the operation of high power microwave tubes, pulsed magnetic systems and plasma systems (vacuum arcs); high voltage capacitor charging power supplies for medical applications (kidney stone disintegrators); high voltage / high current solid state switches and complete control systems.

The excellence of PPT is its ability to prototype and produce small series in close cooperation with the customer. In addition, PPT executes the commissioning for all systems manufactured by the company.

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