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Ampegon and Transradio cooperate

by david.nunes

Cooperation Agreement between Ampegon and TRANSRADIO

Two powerful suppliers with high reputation join forces

Turgi, Switzerland and Berlin, Germany; August 20, 2013. The two world leading transmitter manufacturers, Ampegon Group and TRANSRADIO SenderSysteme Berlin AG, announced today that they have entered a strategic business cooperation.

Ampegon is a world leading supplier of transmission and antenna systems since more than 75 years. TRANSRADIO is a well-known manufacturer of radio broadcasting systems since many decades. The collaboration is primarily based on TRANSRADIO’s longwave and mediumwave transmitter TRAM line and Ampegon’s system expertise with comprehensive antenna products. Both companies are founding members of the DRM consortium and represent together the world´s largest number of successful DRM installations.

Ampegon’s product line of shortwave transmitters and wide range of radio antenna systems will be extended by the TRAM line and will become even more attractive for radio broadcasting customers around the world.

TRANSRADIO develops, designs and commissions modern digital broadcast transmitters and is specialized in AM/FM and LF/VLF communication applications. The company is market leader in several areas and has a major market share in modern solid state AM/DRM transmitters.

The cooperation between Ampegon and TRANSRADIO consists of joint offers based on customer requirements. Furthermore it includes the share of resources for engineering and site specific installation works as well as global marketing and sales activities.

Statement Jochen Huber, CEO TRANSRADIO

“We are already successfully cooperating with Ampegon in various ongoing customer contracts in Egypt and Algeria and are very happy to expand this cooperation for many other future projects. The product ranges of both companies complement each other in a perfect way”.

Statement Josef Troxler, CEO Ampegon

“Ampegon welcomes TRANSRADIO as a partner company. TRANSRADIO with its proven experience and excellent reputation fits very well into our corporate landscape. With the addition of TRANSRADIO’s expertise and their longwave and mediumwave product line Ampegon will strengthen its position within the global radio transmission market”.


About Ampegon

Ampegon is a new brand established in autumn 2012 to merge the former Thomson Broadcast activities of Turgi (Switzerland), Schifferstadt (Germany) and Beijing (China) in one powerful and market leading group of companies. The group is serving the global Radio Transmission markets including Antenna Systems as well as Scientific Applications and Green Technologies with an extensive product range tailored to all needs of the customers in these strategic fields. The products and services stand for highest quality, reliability and best performance.

As the leading designer, manufacturer and system integrator of AM/DRM Radio Transmission Systems worldwide Ampegon offers the complete system including transmitters, antennas and a wide range of auxiliary equipment. In addition the group is developing world-class technology and fully integrated solutions to serve scientific institutions with best overall performance: High power RF amplifiers, regulated high voltage modulators and power supplies (HVPS). A clear focus lies on Green Technologies for the benefit of our environment and to improve climate protection, offering photovoltaic power plants based on the company’s extensive turnkey experience and system approach.


TRANSRADIO SenderSysteme Berlin AG, formerly named TELEFUNKEN SenderSysteme Berlin AG, specializes in the research, development and design of modern AM, VHF/FM and DRM broadcasting systems, and delivers custom-tailored solutions to meet the needs of its customers. The professional service of TRANSRADIO ranges from the delivery of transmitters, antenna-, power supply- and air-conditioning systems to the management of turnkey projects, including all facilities needed to operate a broadcasting station.

TRAM MF-, LF and communication transmitters in available power ranges between 5 kW and 2 MW are ready prepared for digital operation and optimised for high reliability and minimal maintenance expenditure. Modular design is combined with high unit redundancy. Also in countries with small technological infrastructure these transmitters have proven their outstanding performance.

TRANSRADIO as a founding member of the DRM Consortium has established itself as the world‘s leading DRM provider. Today TRANSRADIO has the highest number of installed DRM transmitters in service.

Broadcasting technology is subject to constant change and development and the ongoing creation of new products and the further development of existing ones is the key element of TRANSRADIO’s success. In the past Telefunken set the benchmark in the field of broadcasting and now TRANSRADIO will heavily influence the transmitter technology of the future and sees its main activities in the digitization of broadcasting, especially in DRM.

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